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It depends on your gender, age, and physical conditioning. In general, a normal resting heart rate for an adult is between 70-80 beats per minute with women tending to have a slightly higher heart rate than men. Also children and the elderly tend to also have a higher rate that can be as high as 100 bpm. The other factor is if you are physically fit. The more aerobic exercise you do the more your heart rate tends to be lower, even down to 60 bpm.


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You may get your heart beat to 180 beats per minute after 100 meters sprint.

60-100 beats/min for adults

speed of heart beat is set by the flow of blood through your heart.if you walk its normal and when you ran its fast.

At rest no- its too fast. During activity yes it is normal

Yes it is very natural. The same thing happens to boys when they are around girls. It is normal.

normal heart for bordie collies

Yes your heartbeat is your pulse, each beat of your pulse equals a beat of your heart

Bradycardia - A slow heart beat is a heart rate that is below normal.

What is the normal heart beat rate for a 70 year old female?

Normal heart beat rate for an adult ranges from 65-80 beats per minute

The property of the normal pacemaker region is able to provide a normal setting for the heart to beat. It allows the heart to beat at a regular rate.

because you run too fast

The pharmacy information says it can cause your heart to beat faster

the faster you do something like exercises the faster your heart will beat

It depends on if the heart is beating a 56/44 beat or a 67/2 beat.

Eucardia is normal heart rate/heart beat.Eucardia is the medical term meaning normal heart rate.

well an abnormal heart beat is when A: you have skipping beats B: heart beats fast C: heart beats slow an abnormal heart beating fast is 180,200 or 300 not doing anything an abnormal heart beating slow is 35, (if your not an athlete) 20 or even 18 a skipping heart is an "extra" beat or a "missing" one

Our normal heart rate is 72 beat per second.

heart beat of a mouse is 650 times per minute

A normal heart beat should be somewhere between 60-100 beats per minute.

Heart arrhythmias is an irregular heart beat. The condition tachycardia is when the heart beats more quickly than normal. Mayo Clinic offers information on this condition(

A normal heart beat for an adult female is 60 to 100 beats.

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