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How fast is electricity?

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It is not the electrons that are flowing through an electric wire, it is a charge (energy) transferred from electron to electron within the wires. But even this motion is much slower than you think, and depends on different factors, such as transfer medium. Even lightning traveling through ionized air can only travel, at most, half the speed of light. (see the related link)

There are several different ways to define the speed of electricity. In an AC circuit the electrons do not move forward at all, they just vibrate back and forth in place.

At the same time, the amount of time that it takes between when you flip a switch and a light turns on is actually much faster than the speed of light, so that it actually takes longer for the light of the bulb to reach your eyes than it takes for the light to turn on after flipping the switch.

The easiest way to imagine this is to picture a mile-long pipe that is just larger than a marble and is filled from beginning to end with marbles. When you put another marble in one side, a marble comes out the other side nearly (but not quite) instantly. This has nothing to do with the "speed of marbles," just like electrical current has nothing to do with the speed of light.

Other things such as radio waves, magnetic fields, and so on are a completely different story.

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How fast does the electricity in your bodies go at?

32 mph

How is the shape of brain cells related to their function?

it is longer so the short signals of electricity can travel fast it is longer so the short signals of electricity can travel fast

Is electricity as fast as light?

No; while the speed of light is a constant, the speed of electricity is dependant on many cofactors.

How fast can electricity travels?

electricity can traevle as fast as the speed of light. do u know when u tern on a light it comes up right away. thats the speed of light.

How fast does the energy turn into electricity?

in about 2/12 milliseconds

What are some words that describe electricity?

Electric, powerful, fast

How does electricity kill a person?

all the electricity makes your heart go really fast making it stop thats what i herd

Why do chefs perfer cooking with gas?

Gas is twice as fast as electricity

Can you fast something rather than food?

yes you can fast something rather then food you could fast water, TV, facebook, electricity, your phone etc.

How fast does electricity travel per second?

around 160 000 km

How fast does electricity travel in one second?

Depends on the medium through which it is traveling.

How fast does eletricity travel to a light bulb?

Electricity doesnt have a speed, it is instantaneous.

How does electricity create heat?

because it moves so fast that it turns to heat

Is the wind energy same as wind turbine?

Wind energy is converted into electricity by spinning wind turbine. Any electric motor that is powered by electricity will generate electricity if you spin it yourself very fast.

How fast does electricity travel in wires?

It travels through wires at a 190 milli seconds.

How is the rotation of a windmill turned into an electric current?

the windmill goes fast to make electricity

What does the battery in a car do?

Used as a storage device for electricity. That electricity is used to provide power to the starter motor that turns the engine over fast enough for it to start.

What kind of energy is transformed to fast-flowing mountain stream generates electricity?


What is the main use of wind power?

to tell how fast the wind is going and it is a good source for electricity.

What does jolted mean?

It can mean to be hit with electricity, or it can mean to jump up really fast as though you were. :)

Are there limits to how fast the wind can be to generate electricity?

There is no particular set limit, but the winds we can use to generate electricity are not boundless. Winds that are too strong will damage wind turbines.

Why doesn't static electricity last long?

The system tends to attain the state of minimum potential energy, so the effect of static electricity wears out very fast.

How fast does a magnet needs to spin in order to produce electricity?

In theory, any speed above zero.

What happens when electricity hits water?

From what I know, it seems like the water would heat up and if there was a person in it, they would get electrocuted. Electricity travels very fast in water. But this may not be true.

How do you make electricity out of lightning?

The Electricity we use is reliable, dependable, and safe. Lightning is only available during storms, goes from the ground to the sky, and is very intense in strength, and is very fast.