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98 ML320 will do 0-60 in 8.7 seconds 99 ML430 0-60 7.8 00 ML320 0-60 9.2 02 ML320 0-60 9.4 I have given you years that have had major changes to them, the ML320 motor stayed the same with same HP but the cars were upgraded both inside and out adding more weight, the biggest weight increase was between 01 and 02 model year. Comparing the 0-60 times with other vehicles in its class it is quick, comparing it to other cars it is still quicker than most cars on the road. I would say the average 0-60 time for most cars on the road is about 10 seconds, a ML320 is about dead even with a E46 325CI convertible in terms of acceleration from 0-70 and that is from personal experience having a go with a friend a few times. The ML is slow in 1st gear picks up in 2nd gear but pulls very hard in 3rd gear, most cars pull hard in 1st and 2nd gears and tend to accelerate slowly after 60 mph and tend to have a top speed of around 100-110 mph, the ML320 is limited to 130 MPH and I have had mine up to 125 MPH and it will do 130 mph some ML's have the limiter removed but it depends on what tires they came with from the factory you either got the 130 mph rated tires or the 155 mph ratted tires which are considerably more expensive.

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Q: How fast is the 320 1988?
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