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How fast is the b-52?


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The B-52 had a maximum speed of about 650 mph.


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B52 Stratofortress heavy bombers commenced operations in theater in 1965.

I worked on the B52 in the seventies at Loring Air Force Base, and it was common to put 220 thousand pounds of fuel on a B52, which is about 36,000 gallons, along with a full load of bombs.

B52 Nixon, Commander in Chief; used the B52 against North Vietnam more than any other US president.

the problem is tghe numbers are reversed, it was B25 MItchell Bomber a twin engine WWII aircraft smaller then a B52, plus this event was in 1945 at the time B52 was a designer concept at Boeing.

The B52 has proven to be one of the most effective bombers in history. It had a combat range of 5,000 miles and could hold more than 10,000 pounds of bombs.

The B52 Stratofortess. During the Vietnam War, one B52 could carry up to 108 750lb HE bombs. That was equal to about 10 World War 2 B17 bombers.

Great Planes - 2008 B52 Stratofortress 2-9 was released on: USA: 4 September 2009

The B52 bomber did not make it's first flight until 1952, so there was no B52 made during WWII.

The best bat brand in the world.

1952 and produced all the way to 1962.

SACs B52 Stratofortress was the deciding factor.

The B-52 was basically an innovation of the smaller and lighter B-47.

Boeing designed and built the B52 Stratofortress Bomber.

Openly invaded Cambodia and B52'd Hanoi.

In Vietnam, the rumor was the B52's killed him.

The standard runway length for planning purposes is about 10,000 ft

The B-52 is not a fighter, it is a heavy strategic bomber.

The Boeing Aircraft Company invented the B-52. No one person did.

The most spectacular footage that may have been censored by the government, since it hasn't been seen again; but it was aired on television many years ago (10 or 20 yrs). Flights of B52 Stratofortress bombers over North Vietnam, possibly during President Nixon's Linebacker II campaign. One or more of the B52's were shown in flight being struck by SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles). One B52 in particular was struck where the wing connected with the fuselage and the bomber's wing folded upwards as the aircraft began it's downward dive to earth. During that air campaign, two NVAF MiG-21s were shot down by B52 tail gunners (confirmed aerial kills) and one NVAF MiG-21 claimed a B52 kill. All B52's probably had cameras during that mission, as B52's were critical...and camera coverage was necessary to correct errors and review after action analysis. Consequenly, some of those aforementioned actions may have also been aired during that sequence.

by completing missions on the full version of skies of war. its the same for the B52 question

More than half the B52 bomber force was based in Thailand.

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