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all my babies heartbeats were around 160, they are all girls, but my cousins baby is a boy & his ran around 140.

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Q: How fast should the babys heart rate be at 17 weeks?
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How fast should a 3 week old babys heartbeat be?


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How fast should a baby's heartbeat be at 14 weeks?

An average babies heart rate is anywhere from 120-180beats per minute. My baby had a heart rate of 168 at my 12 week ultrasound.

How fast does a ten month old baby's heart beat?

I'm not a doctor but I do now some medical things babys heart beats about 150 per min but it does depends how old the baby is

How fast should your baby's heart rate be at seventeen weeks?

If you mean when you are 17 weeks pregnant, the heart rate is typically somewhere between 110-160 (although at that point, it may still be a little on the high side--the heart rate tends to be the fastest at the beginning of the pregnancy). If you mean how fast your baby's heart rate should be when he or she is 17 weeks old (after being born), it typically will be in the 90-160 range and will slow down over the next several years until it reaches the adult average of 60-100 by the teenage years. Hope this helps! Dr. B

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