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all my babies heartbeats were around 160, they are all girls, but my cousins baby is a boy & his ran around 140.

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Q: How fast should the babys heart rate be at 17 weeks?
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How fast should a 3 week old babys heartbeat be?


Do orangutans make babys fast?

no. they also do not recover fast

How fast should a baby's heartbeat be at 14 weeks?

An average babies heart rate is anywhere from 120-180beats per minute. My baby had a heart rate of 168 at my 12 week ultrasound.

How fast should an 11 day old babys heartrate be?

200 - 250 BPM any less and they have a heart condition and will need immediate treatment any more and they have about a year to live with nothing that can be done to help

Do babys wake up fast?

yes :)

How fast does a ten month old baby's heart beat?

I'm not a doctor but I do now some medical things babys heart beats about 150 per min but it does depends how old the baby is

How fast should your baby's heart rate be at seventeen weeks?

If you mean when you are 17 weeks pregnant, the heart rate is typically somewhere between 110-160 (although at that point, it may still be a little on the high side--the heart rate tends to be the fastest at the beginning of the pregnancy). If you mean how fast your baby's heart rate should be when he or she is 17 weeks old (after being born), it typically will be in the 90-160 range and will slow down over the next several years until it reaches the adult average of 60-100 by the teenage years. Hope this helps! Dr. B

Can you see your babys heartbeat?

My babies must develop early or just grow fast. Because this is my fourth pregnancy and the third baby that you could see the heart beat at five and a half weeks. Crazy because with my first we couldn't see her until I was 12 weeks along. Of course the Ultra sound equipment is better than it was 6 years ago. Crazy kids.

What is tachykinesia?

It should mean fast movement. e.g. Bradykinesia is slow movement. Bradycardia is slow heart rate. Tachycardia is fast heart rate.

When can you start to carry the newborn puppies?

3 to 4 weeks after they are born because if you hold them your heart beat goes to fast and it will confuse the baby puppy's heart

How fast should your heart beat at age 14?

70times per miniute

How fast should a dogs heart beat?

162 beats per minute

What does it mean when your heart beats fast?

You are probably nervous or excited. Maybe from a speech at school or a crush is near you. It is just a part of life, when you get used to whatever situation you are in then your heart should not beat as fast.

What indicates how fast a heart is beating?

pulse indicates how fast the heart is beating

What is tacardia?

Tachy - fast cardia- heart A fast heart rate. Implies that it is too fast and a potential problem

If your heart beats fast can you die?

If your heart beats fast enough, you can get a heart attack and die from cardiac arrest.

How are humans able to accelerate?

A.) They accelerate by there bones and your heart. If your heart is fast you will be fast, if your heart is slow you will go slow.

Can a fast heart rate kill you?

yes a fast heart can kill you if not treated fast anough blood pressure and obesity can also increase heart rate

How fast should a baby's heartbeat be at 9 weeks?

This is not clear whether the baby is a fetus or a newborn. If a fetus, should be in the region of 170-200bpm.

What is an abnormally fast resting heart rate?

the average resting heart rate is approximatel 75 bpm so anything over about 85 should be considered as abnormally fast. also defined as tachycardia

Should your stomach be hard at 13 weeks?

There is no hard and fast rule in pregnancy as to when your stomach should get hard. Typically, the stomach hardness in the second trimester, so at 13 weeks your stomach might be hard or it might not.

Is it bad if your heart is beating too fast?

Is it bad if your heart is beating fast when I am laying in bed

How fast should an adults heart beat?

It depends on the adult's age, and weight. If you Google it, you should find a few tables, or programs to calculate what your heart rate should be. Anyway, heart rate is not your main concern, as it varies from person to person, you should worry more about things like cholesterol.

What needle do you get when your heart is besting to fast?

heart attack

How fast your heart beats when you exercise?

The heart beats as fast as 200times per sec during excercise.