How finches get food in the city?

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Are there finches in Antarctica?

No. It's too cold there and there is no food chain for finches.

Where do finches lay their eggs?

Finches lay there eggs in a nest. If you don't have a nest then they will lay it in the food dish.

What is the beak shape in finches affected by?

The food that is available.

What adaptations did Darwin notice in finches?

He noticed that birds called finches had different kinds of beaks in areas with different food sources. He found finches with thick beaks in areas with large hard shelled nuts, and finches with smaller beaks in areas where fruits were available. These differences seemed to match the environment and the diet of the finches.

What do zebra finches need to survive?

Food. Water. Shelter.

How do you regain the trust of zebra finches?

by giving them egg food

What kind of food do African finches eat?

Insects and seeds

What is the collective noun for finches?

The collective nouns for finches are:a charm of finchesa chirm of finchesa company of finchesa trembling of finchesa trimming of finches

Can pet finches eat fruit?

Finches are primarily seed eaters, but they enjoy a bit of fruit occasionally. It should not be their primary food source.

Why are finches in the Gal and aacutepagos Islands a good example of speciation?

Answer this question… . Galápagos finches have different kinds of beaks that match food sources.


The shapes of their beaks were different from mainland finches and they worked better to get the food they needed.

What do large ground finches eat?

Large Ground Finch eat food

How long does it take for baby finches to fly?

Finches are fairly small birds with a large beak. Their wings are short and they are known to frequent farms, forests, backyards, city parks and urban areas. Baby finches fly in about two weeks.

What would happen if a breeding pair of finches was placed on an island under ideal conditions with no predators and unlimited food so that all individuals survived?

you would have a lot of finches

Do finches need food in the winter?

Yes, more so than in warm weather.

Why were the finches interested in Darwin?

Darwin was interested in the finches! The finches weren't interested in him!

What are some adaptations found among the finches of the Galapagos?

Galapagos finches, also known as Darwin's finches, are only found on the Galapagos islands in the Pacific. They were first recorded by Charles Darwin and his observations of the birds helped him with his theories on evolution. The specific adaptation he noted in the finches was that one group whose food source was hard nuts had sharp beaks. Another group whose food was fruit had smaller beaks. These observations led him to the belief that the birds had evolved different characteristics to match their food sources.

How did the galapagos finches evolve?

It is believed that a few seed-eating finches were blown from South America to the Galapagos Islands many years ago. These finches breed and reproduce over time, and they flew to different islands. The descendants of the original finches would show variation in the shapes of sizes of their beaks, which enable them to find a particular food source better, such as seeds, fruits and insects. Individuals with beaks that helped to find food survived and reproduced more offspring. Eventually, finches with beaks this shape would replace those that were not as well adapted to the environment and a new species of finches would gradually evolve.

What factor does not play a role in determining the beak size of galapagos finches?

amout of food available

Which factor directly influenced the evolution of the diverse types of beaks of these finches?

Available food sources

Can you train zebra finches?

Yes you can train zebra finches. I have about five finches that are already trained.

How were Charles Darwin's finches isolated?

The finches were isolated by island, the many islands of the Galapagos archipelago, their distinctive beaks were adapted to the food available in their given locations, and all descended from a common finch.

What kind of finches live in Wyoming?

Mostly House finches. Hous Finches are usually the most seen around bird feedes but there are also, orange Finches

Why are the finches in the Galapagos called Darwin's Finches?

Charles Darwin discover the finches in Galapagos in 1831. He noticed that the finches beaks were different compared to the finch's in Ecuador.

How are Darwin's finches an example of evolution by natural selection?

The finches beak sizes changed, depending on their environment and what kind of food they ate. The finches were relatively isolated on the islands, making them the perfect example of microevolution (change within a kind). This is not, however, evidence for macroevolution (change from one kind of animal to another), as the finches did not change into another animal, but simply had different sized beaks.