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they just get used to it after a while

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Which fish adapt and how do they adapt?

All fish adapt to their environment in many ways and it depends on where they live and what breed of fish it its.

How do fish adapt to survive in their environment?

they adapt by just living with it and get used to it

How fish is adapted to its environment?

Fish adapt by swimming really fast

How do clown fish adapt to their environment?

they adapt to there environment from a thing called coexist among the stinging sells of the anemones.

How does a fish adapt to its environment?

first they start out with gills. Now they have legs

How do blue tang fish adapt to their environment?

they survive with the temperature of water

How does a mackerel ice fish adapt to its environment?

It uses an antifreeze which stops it from getting frozen.

How do sea stars adapt to their environment?

The color of the star fish change do to their environment so it is less likely for them to be eaten by a predator.

How do leeches adapt to their environment?

how do leeches adapt their environment

How did ducks adapt to there environment?

they had beaks to grab fish and they can dive if the was a predator near by i hope this is the answer to your question

Can fires adapt to their environment?

Yes, fires can adapt to their environment.

How does an American Robin adapt to its environment?

How do robins adapt to its environment

How do rainforest adapt to there environment?

A rainforest does not adapt to it's environment; it created the environment in which it's in.

How a fish adapts?

This really depends on the species of the fish, what kind of fish it is, and its age. But fish in the wild and domestically-bred fish will react differently to a new environment. Fish that have lived in tanks tend to adapt better to a new environment (ex. When a tank is changed/cleaned) than wild fish who are used to some certain things in their environment. ~ Hexedgirl92

How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment?

How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment?

Why do plants have to adapt with their environment?

If plants do not adapt, they do not survive in that particular environment.

How is the desert in Egypt adapted to its environment?

The desert is the environment. It does not adapt. Organisms in an ecosystem adapt to the environment.

How did the southern colonies adapt to their environment?

They did not adapt to their environment . . . they settled there because the environment that they wanted was there, already.

How do cod fishes adapt in an ocean environment?

the male fish eject a slicone of a oil like substance that creates a shell that allows the to adapt to new water

What could happen to a species of animals if they did not adapt to their environment?

Animals that don't adapt to their environment die out (at worst) or move out of that area to an environment they can adapt to.

How do the Uluru adapt to the environment?

Only living things adapt to the environment. Uluru is a natural land feature, and not alive. It does not need to adapt to the environment.

How do raccoons adapt to their environment?

they adapt by there life cycle.by that i mean the get use to the environment

How do giraffes adapt to their environment?

As they are already born into their own environment, the Giraffe does not have to adapt

How do chimpanzee adapt to their lifestyle to their environment?

Chimpanzees adapt to their environment by eating their poop.

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