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Titration value describes how accurately a substance is dissolved in another substance. In order to find this number, you need a pipette, a burette, and a volumetric flask.

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Q: How get the accutare titration value?
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What happens if you scratch tb test area?

the results will not be accutare... and you will get a positive result.

Equation used to determine the iodine value?

Iodine value= (B-S)N x 12.69 ------------------- wt of sample where, B=titration of blank S= titration of sample N= normality of thiosulphate

What is the purpose of a titration?

The purpose of a titration is to find the equivalence point (stoichiometric point) of a solution. At the equivalence point, the moles of the titrant and analyte are equal to one another. At the midpoint of the solution, the pKa value is equal to the pH value.

What is the titration curve of phenylalanine?

The titration curve of phenylanaline is around pk value 6.89 which neutral pH. It has a two buffer one in the acidic portion and the neutral one.

What are the type of conductometric titration?

types of conductometric titration: acid base titration complexometric titration replacement titration redox titration precipitation titration

What are complexometric titration method?

Direct titration, Indirect titration, back titration, replacement titration and so on

What is over-titration?

over titration is when too much titrant is added to the analyte in a titration procedure.

Which type of the analysis the titration is?

Titration is a method of chemical analysis; for example: - volumetry - potentiometric titration - amperometric titration - radiometric titration - Karl Fisher titration - spectrophotometric titaration - viscosimetric titration and other methods

How many tipes of titration?

There are various types of titration. It is dependent on the conditions used and the reactants and desired products. Some of them are acid-base titration, redox titration, colorimetric titration and thermometric titration.

What is titration formula?

It depends on the titration.

Define the analyte in a titration?

1) The analyte is the substance in a titration whose concentration is unknown.

What is the endpoint of a titration?

during a titration when a titrant completely furnished the sample then this is the end point of titration.