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Umm really great! I'm in eighth grade & I got a 252! lol

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i guess, i got 218

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Q: How good is a 257 reading map score for a seventh grader?
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Is 180 a good score on the PSAT for a seventh grader taking it for the first time?

Yes. It is a very good score for a seventh grade and is approximately equivalent to the 90th percentile for a sophomore.

What is the average lexile for reading for a 4th grader?

1185 is a good score

Is 500 a good SAT score for seventh graders?

For a 7th grader, 500 in one section is a great score, seeing as you probably are unfamiliar with the material.

Is a 241 a good score for the seventh grade Reading MAP test?

A score of 241 on the seventh grade Reading MAP test is generally considered to be above average. However, the interpretation of the score may vary depending on the standardized scoring scale used by the test provider. It's important to compare the score to the national average or percentile rank to get a better understanding of the student's performance.

Is wet and wavy a good hairstyle for a seventh grader?

Wet and wavy is a good hairstyle for a seventh grader if that's how they want to wear their hair. A wet look can also make hair look greasy.

Is an IQ of 118 good for a sixth grader?

Well, I looked it up and it said that it is very good. Trust me, I know. I'm a sixth grader myself and I did an IQ test and I got the score 118. When I read the information that I looked up, it said that whoever got 118 as a score means that you understand things well and that you have good reading skills. Congrats!

Is a 252 a good MAPS score for a fifth grader?

It is extremely high

Is 2.50 GPA good for a seventh grader?

it's ok but try to work a little harder.

Is 225 a good score on a 6th grade math map test?

It depends on your school. In a regular school the average For a fifth grader is 220 so a 6th grader would have about 225 .So that is a good score you have passed the MAP.

Is 264 a good math MAP testing score for a 5th grader thats 10?

Thats pretty good for a person you age, but a 6th grader at my school got a 302.

Who has the best map score ever?

the best map score depends on your grade,i got 230 and im 5th grader thats avergae but i do 6th and 7th grade math at home but not at school,so for a 5th grader a really good score is aroud 250

What are some good speech topics for a seventh grader?

try to look up for interesting animals or latest events