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How good is the University of Padova in Italy?

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It has something of a reputation of being a university for foreigners. Though this is much exagerated and applies to some other Italian universities, too, it does suggest lowish standards in the humanities. Padova's Psychology University is known as one of the best in Italy.

2007-05-08 11:06:43
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Where is Padova in Rome?

Padua is the city which is located in the northern Italy. This city is considered as one of the communication and economic hubs of the area. Additionally, it is also the capital of province of Padua. This city is also the home of the renowned and famous university i.e. "University of Padua". You can get more information about it

What teamleague does alessandro del piero play for?

Padova/Italy Juventus/ Italy

What is the population of the city Padova?

Padova is a city in the north east of Italy. The population in 2011 was 214,198. Padova has a population density of 2,306 and covers an area of 2,142 square kilometers.

What is the largest public square in Italy?

Prato Della Valle, Padova

How far is it from Padova Italy to Venice Italy?

21.54 Miles or 34.66 Kilometers

Where is Venice Italy?

It is in Italy. You'll find it in the north east of Italy on the coast. The nearest cities are Padova, Treviso, Vicenza and Verona.

Is there a kingdom Hall in Padova Italy?

This information is available from the Branch office of the country in question. See link below.According to googlemaps:Via Angelo Portenari, 2, 35135 Padova, Italy+39 049 618004 ‎"Kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Portenari Angelo Via 2 35135 Padova 049 618004

Where is Padua?

Padua, called Padova in Italian, is in Northeastern Italy and is the capital of the Padua region.

Is there a Mcdonald's restaurant in padova Italy?

yes, right across the street from the main train station.

What is the distant between Belgrade Serbia and Padova Italy?

795 kilometres following E70 ZAGREB.

What are the release dates for Padova - 1912?

Padova - 1912 was released on: Austria: March 1912 Italy: March 1912 UK: 6 April 1912 USA: 21 May 1912

How tall is Gen Padova?

Gen Padova is 4' 11".

When was Marchetto da Padova born?

Marchetto da Padova was born in 1274.

When was Padova railway station created?

Padova railway station was created in 1842.

When was John R. Padova born?

John R. Padova was born in 1935.

When was Calcio San Paolo Padova created?

Calcio San Paolo Padova was created in 1988.

What is the area of MaserΓ  di Padova?

The area of Maserà di Padova is 17.5 square kilometers.

When was Gen Padova born?

Gen Padova was born on August 2, 1981, in California, USA.

Looking for mosque in Milan?

An Islamic Center that might be of interst to you is: Casa Della Cultura Islamica Via Padova , 144, Milan, 20132, ITALY

What has the author Ireneo Daniele written?

Ireneo Daniele has written: 'San Pio X, alunno del seminario vescovile di Padova (13 novembre 1850-14 agosto 1858)' -- subject(s): Seminario di Padova 'I documenti Costantiniani della \\' 'San Prosdocimo vescovo di Padova' -- subject(s): Basilica di Santa Giustina (Padua, Italy), Church history, Cult, History

What is the largest university in Italy?

Sapienza University of Rome.

What has the author Benedetto Pesci written?

Benedetto Pesci has written: 'S. Antonio a Via Merulana' -- subject(s): S. Antonio di Padova (Church : Rome, Italy)

How many km between Venice Italy and Florence Italy?

I'll tell you the real answer. And it is 243 kilometres taking this route:Take SR-11 from Venice to A4 to PADOVA. Follow signs.Take A4 to A13 to BOLOGNA in Padova. EXIT.Take A13 to A1 to FIRENZE in Bologna. Follow signs to A1 to FIRENZE.Take A1 to Firenze.If taking a plane:Miles: 126.99 milesKilometers: 204.37 kilometers

Is padova an Italian soccer team?

Calcio Padova is an Italian football team who play in Serie C1. The last played in Serie A in 1996.

What year was Padova founded?

1183 b.C.