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That's a good question but a tough one as well. Some people will tell you that FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) is an easy school to get into while others will tell you that it's difficult. It really depends on the person, their skill level and how serious they are about pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

My friends got accepted but they really had to be prepared for the entrance project, the essay and the interview process. It's not impossible to get accepted or else FIDM wouldn't have any students!

The school is great and is well worth the work. If you want more info, I would talk to an advisor. They could give you more info than I could. (See Related Links, below)

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Well it depends on your GPA because it's different for everyone. If you have a strong GPA and maybe have past work experience (even retail) then it looks good to the advisers. Also, putting your best foot forward during the entrance interview and doing well on the entrance project will also help your chances. College can be tough period but you don't know unless you try. You could always check out FIDM's website and talk to an adviser about the admission process :) Good luck!

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Q: How hard Is it to get accepted into FIDM?
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How many freshmans are accepted into FIDM?

That's a great question and it seems like a good question to ask an adviser from the school because that's something they would know about. I have friends who graduated from FIDM and there are a lot of requirements that you have to complete when you apply but you don't know if you'll be accepted unless you try so go for it! Good luck!

What is FIDM known for?

That can be a tricky question because FIDM is known for lots of things depending on who you ask but for my friends who graduated from FIDM, they say that FIDM is known for their awesome programs that focus on the fashion and entertainment industries. They also told me that FIDM is known for their fashion design program and the famous fashion designers who graduated from the school.

How many men are at FIDm?

That's a great question and that's something that my friends who graduated from FIDM were unsure about but I do know that men do attend FIDM but I'm not sure how many there are. You may be able to ask a FIDM adviser that question and see what they say!

What is the average age of students at fidm?

My friends graduated from FIDM and they went straight to FIDM after graduating from high school and from what I hear, a lot of students go straight from high school to FIDM. Other transfer from community college or even seek out FIDM for a professional designation degree if they already have a college degree. Hope this helps :)

Is it hard to get accepted to Virginia Union University?

how hard is it to get accepted in to vuu

Is fidm school near Hollywood boulevard?

FIDM is close to Hollywood and it's also close to the beach and the mountains as well! My friends graduated from FIDM and they not only loved downtown LA and FIDM, but they spent their weekends visiting the beach and the mountains. There's also lots of great shopping places and landmarks around FIDM to visit. If you're looking into FIDM as a potential college, it's a great choice :) Good luck!

What is the town pupolation fidm is in?

It depends on which campus you're asking about. The FIDM LA campus is in Los Angeles with a population around 3,819,702. The FIDM SD campus is in San Diego with a population around 1,326,179. The FIDM OC campus is in Irvine with a population around 215,529. Lastly, the FIDM SF campus is in San Francisco with a population around 812,826. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a FIDM Admissions Advisor.

What is the address of the fashion institute of design and merchandising?

It depends on which campus you're asking because FIDM has different campuses but here's the addresses: FIDM LA 919 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, FIDM Irvine 17950 Gillette Ave, Irvine, FIDM San Francisco 55 Stockton Street, FIDM San Diego 350 10th Ave., 3rd Floor, San Diego.

What are some of the faculty members of FIDM college what are some of the faculty members of FIDM college?

Well as you can imagine, there are A LOT of faculty members at FIDM and they have a wide range of backgrounds. Your best option is to check out FIDM's webpage and there's a list of all their faculty members. They have a wide variety of educational and career experiences which is great because each person has something unique to bring to FIDM students in the classroom!

Where is the fidm in California?

FIDM has four campuses in California: San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. FIDM's website goes into detail about each campus. Hope this helps :) Good luck!

What is the phone number of the Fidm Library in Los Angeles California?

The phone number of the Fidm Library is: 213-624-1200.

What is a good online design school?

I would look at FIDM. FIDM should allow you to take some classes online.