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Trust me its not hard. Sure the beginning will be rough but you will get used to it just try and you will succeed

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Q: How hard is high school fitness pe?
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What could you become from doing pe in college?

If you were to do PE, or Physical Education, in college you could teach fitness classes. With a masters you can teach at a college or you can teach athletics in high school with a BS.

What is the smartest school in Canada?

Morell Regional High School, PE.

What do you call pe for high school people?

It can be a sport or general pe. If you don't take a sport, you take general pe

When your in junior high do you still go to PE?

That depends on the school.But mostly yes.You mostly go to PE until after High School.

What benefits do children get from doing PE in school?

Promotes physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, fights childhood obesity

Can you raise your grade in pe from a c?

It depends on where you are in the year. If you are starting the second semester you could raise it to a high B and possibly an low A. Dress out for PE, TRY to improve you physical fitness, and show the teacher that you are interested in improving you physical fitness. If you are a good student in PE, the teacher will like you very much. (especially because there are not many good students in PE)

Where can I get more information on fitness lesson plans?

Lesson plans for teachers by teachers can be found online at This is for students from kindergarten to high school. Another site to learn more about lesson plans for fitness is here:

Do you have to have a PE high school credit to graduate?

It is a yes in most states.

What is the difference of physical education in college and PE in high school?

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What did Bruno Mars liked to do in high school?

play instmeant s

What is the starting salary of a high school PE-health teacher?

The salary for a New High School P.E. Teacher is 34,000, with a week vaction. (depending of the school.)

Is design school parsons hard to get in?

Its not hard if you can financially support yourself and you have the talent. If they see potentials in you and your portfolio then there will b pe chance that you will get in parsons school of design.