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Q: How hard would you have to stab yourself in the heart to penetrate the chestplate and kill yourself?
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On runescape should you get bandos chest plate with verac helm and dragon legs or bandos godsword with verac helm and brassy and d legs?

for me defently bandos chestplate but instead of d legs and verac helm i would choose helm of neitiznot bandos chestplate and torag legs or you could use dragon legs your choice but sefently chestplate.

Fighter torso or dragon platebody or bandos chestplate?

Well, its up to you, some people might be rich enough for the Bandos Chestplate and Dragon Platebody but some people might have enough skill to get the Fighter Torso, here is the order you would get them in: IF YOU ARE RICH 1. Bandos Chestplate 2. Dragon Plate 3. Fighter Torso IF YOU ARE NOT RICH 1. Fighter Torso 2. Dragon Platebody 1. Bandos BEST OVERALL 1 Bandos Chestplate 2 Dragon Platebody 3 Fighter Torso Most people that have owned all three armours would choose Bandos Chestplate as the best armour because because the armour has good defense and attack compared to the Fighter Torso and Dragon Platebody. Second best would probably be the Dragon Platebody because it's defense bonuses are far superior then that of the Fighter Torso. Third would be the Fighter Torso only because it can't fit into the category of the high end armours such as 3rd Age Platebody, Bandos Chestplate and Dragon Platebody. But the Fighter Torso overall can only compete with the Dragon Chainbody.

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Enough concentration would do.

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