How harsh do weather conditions have to be to be adverse?

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Weather conditions do not have to be harsh to be adverse, they just have to be different than what they are at the present town. Adverse in a sense means opposite of.
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What is the proper speed to travel when driving in adverse conditions?

A good rule of thumb is to drive slowly enough so that any obstacle that suddenly comes up can be avoided by braking if necessary. For example, you often hear "Don't drive beyond your headlights" - what this means, for example, is that if your headlights can illuminate something 300 feet away, you s ( Full Answer )

When driving in adverse conditions the proper speed to travel is?

When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed to travel isthe speed necessary to promote safe travel. A person should slowdown during rain, snow, and icy conditions. A person should travelat a speed they feel comfortable that is under the speed limit.

What are weather conditions?

Weather conditions are situations like excessive heat, rain, snow,ice, and tornado activity. Weather conditions affect people's dailylives and are often checked before going out.

What is adverse weather?

weather conditions that make it difficult for response equipment and personnel to clean up or remove spilled oil e.t.c

How do bacteria survive harsh conditions?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environment is unfavorable (such as extreme temperatures, radiation, extreme pH levels, extreme pressures and harmful chemical agents) ( Full Answer )

How are cactus' able to live under such harsh conditions?

Cacti have adapted to extremely arid and/or semi-arid hot environments. They show a wide range of features which conserve water. Their stems have adapted to become photosynthetic and succulent, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are well known. The bodies of many ( Full Answer )

What does adverse condition mean?

learning in which punishment or other unpleasant stimulation is used to reduce the frequency of an undesirable response

How was the harsh condition reaching the Oregon Trail?

Very harsh. Pioneer journals describe crossing flooded rivers and having whole wagons getting washed down river and how they lost everything. They write about the sickness, death, and heat. How, when going over the mountain passes, the wagons would go over a cliff and they would loose family members ( Full Answer )

What weather conditions are common for mechanical weathering?

If you mean the weathering of mechanical items such as machinery, then the answer is air and moisture. In dry ambient-constant air, there is no weathering; only the slow drying of grease/oil. Underwater there is no weathering per se but corrosion will occur if air can reach it (drop metal into the o ( Full Answer )

What helps bacteria survive harsh conditions?

Bacteria can go into a sort of hibernated state to survive in more hostile-to-life environments, such as in places with no food or water. They have a thick cellular wall.

What is a weather condition?

Any sort of condition in the weather, be it snow, rain, wind, sleet, tornado watches or warnings, hurricane watches or warnings, flooding, etc etc... you get the picture.

What is adverse conditioning?

learning in which punishment or other unpleasant stimulation is used to reduce the frequency of an undesirable response

How harsh were the conditions at breitenau concentration camp?

In the eyes of the Nazis, the deaf were of "minor value". The assumption that deafness was a "hereditary disease" lead to forced sterilization. Breitenau was a Nazi education and labor camp established in June 1933 in Germany. It was located in Guxhagen, ca. 15 km south of Kassel and was built aroun ( Full Answer )

What are examples of adversive conditioning?

You are in the phone conducting business. Your child is playing the screaming game very loud as you are on the phone. You tell the child stop screaming, I'm on a very important call, please. The leaves and comes back in the room, stands right next to you. and screams once again while your on the pho ( Full Answer )

By forming this structure some bacteria can survive harsh condition?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environment is unfavorable (such as extreme temperatures, radiation, extreme pH levels, extreme pressures and harmful chemical agents) ( Full Answer )

What weather conditions are needed for a tornado?

First, A collision of warm moist air with cooler and/or dryer air is usually needed to produce thunderstorms (though they can form under other conditions as well). Second, a conditions called wind shear is needed, where the speed and/or direction of wind changes with altitude. This gives the storm ( Full Answer )

Do Koala bears have harsh living conditions?

Koalas, which are not bears at all, do not necessarily have harsh living conditions, althoug it is true that they sometimes endure terrible heatwaves in southern Australia, which often lead to devastating bushfires. It lives mostly within the temperate zones. Its habitat is eucalypt woodland and ( Full Answer )

How have the Adelie Penguins adapted the the harsh conditions in Antarctica?

"Adelie Penguins, like the other three penguin types that breed onAntarctica's beaches, increase their body warmth by basking in the(usually) 24-hour sun, or by retreating to liquid water, which isalways warmer than the ambient Antarctic air. The home of all penguins is sea water, and that's where t ( Full Answer )

How did the Jews deal with such harsh conditions?

The upper middle and higher class fled to another country. Everyone below found a hiding spot or were sent to concentration camps __ Not all upper and middle class fled. Many were rounded up and sent to concentration camps as well. Those that did manage to flee, usually went to other European coun ( Full Answer )

How do arctic hares adapt to the harsh weather?

The specific adaptation of the Artic Hare are multi-faceted. Outstanding among the whole are two abilities in particular. The hare has, in the winter coat, hair much like a polar bear, hollow shafts that "pipe" sunlight into the skin, which then directs greater bloodfloor to the warmer area of skin ( Full Answer )

Why does not bacteria survive in harsh conditions?

There are a number of bacteria that DO survive in harsh environments be it pH or temperature extremes or an environment that is very salty. Bacteria that don't survive in harsh conditions usually lose cell wall integrity and break apart, or lose all their intercellular fluid and shrivel up.

How do penguins adapt to the harsh weather of Antarctica?

Penguins breed on Antarctica's beaches during the summer months.When the weather becomes too harsh, an animal simply returns to theliquid sea, which is always warmer than the ambient air on land.Note that penguins are sea birds and live at sea, not on land.

What keeps bacteria from dying in adverse conditions?

Some bacteria form spores, sort of a dried condition with nometabolic process happening, until the condition change and thespore comes out of it's condition and reconstitutes the bacterialform

How do plants photosynthesize in adverse conditions?

There are a variety of conditions which are adverse tophotosynthesis, such as dim lighting, lack of water, etc. Inadverse conditions, photosynthesis is either slowed down or ceasesentirely. But to the extent that photosynthesis may continue totake place, it happens in the usual way; there is just le ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of treasury management under harsh economic conditions?

Treasury management involves the process of managing the cash,investments and other financial assets of the business. The goal ofthese activities is to optimize current and medium-term liquidityand make solid financial decisions involving invested andinvestable assets. Treasury management also inclu ( Full Answer )

What is Educational Bureau for Adverse Weather?

It talks about the arrangements of classes and transportationservices by typhoons and rainstorms. Classes and transportation services resumes as usual during: Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal Red Rainstorm Warning Signal Standby Signal No. 1 Strong Wind Signal No. 3 Classes and transportation servic ( Full Answer )

How do you plan for adverse weather?

There is an adverse weather arrangement in China we call"Educational Bureau". It talks about arranging classes andtransportation services. We take tropical cyclones and rainstormsas adverse weather. During amber or red rainstorm or tropicalcyclone no. 1 or 3, classes and transportation services will ( Full Answer )