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I would not argue that it has.

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Q: How has capital punishment hurt people other than the convict?
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The positives and negatives on capital punishment?

the positives on capital punishment; this type of punishment could reduce crime, the other side it promote crime as people would kill the witness, in order to erase information about the case

Why you are against capital punishment?

i personally am against capital punishment mainly because of the executions of the innocent, people who were wrongly accused and killed but only found innocent once they were dead. An example of this is the case of derek bentley. there are many other arguments against capital punishment, you can see these on the bbc ethics issues on capital puhnishment.

When did the capital punishment begin?

Capital punishment is given from the government and was turned down because the majority vote of congress chose to ban this decision. In other words, the capital punishment happened in 1976 when it first began.

Does capital punishment deter?

Whether or not it deters people from killing people is up for debate. However, capital punishment does act as a specific deterrent (that person will never kill someone again), something which must not be overlooked as even people convicted to life in prison kill other prisoners and prison guards.

What can be inferred from the information in this reading passageThe convict was hungry.The convict did not like Pip.The convict knew the other man.The convict had a low pain tolerance?

The convict knew the other man.

Are their any other capital punishments than death penalty?

Capital punishment is essentially synonymous with the death penalty. Though there are varying specific methods that could be used, if the person doesn't eventually die as a result, then it's not capital punishment.

Is capital punishment good and why?

Is capital punishment good?Yes,capital punishment is goodbecause it's what criminals have tofaceforcommitting a murder or another offence.Also it is good because...1] Criminals deserve to pay the price for what they have done.2] Yes, it may be quite sad but it just stops any other criminal committing a crime.3] You choose the safety of your children or the fact that criminals can walk free and do harm to our planet.4]It works as a deterrence {which if you do not understand} it means it keeps criminals from committing more crime and getting away with it.5]The punishment should fit the crime he/she commits.So that's why I think capital punishment is good and that's why you should too.By the way if you want the shorter version about why capital punishment is good then capital punishment is good because it puts criminals in their place and keeps us safe from murderous people who kill people for no apparent reason.

How did capital punishment effect Europe?

capital punishment is the death penalty for a criminal offence. Death sentences may be carried out by hanging, firing squad, electrocution, gas chamber, lethal injection, or other forms of execution.

What are the advantages of lethal injection?

It's less painful than any other form of capital punishment.

Why capital punishment should be banned?

Capital punishment should be banned in India as well because it is a Human Right to live one's own life. In prison people are anyway productive; no man is useless; everyone is useful. Rather, capital punishment is an easy way out for the criminal. Those should live life for others in the prison or the society. Or else, abortion at the other end of life should as well be allowed at every stage of pregnancy because one of the parents or the society wants.

Does Utah have the death penalty?

Utah formally reinstated capital punishment on January 7, 1973. However, as of 2008 no commutation of the death sentence has been given in Utah. As in any other state, people who are under 18 at the time of commission of the capital crime or mentally retarded are constitutionally precluded from being executed. So the answer is - yes - Utah does currently have the death penalty. Source: Capital punishment in Utah - Wikipedia

What do you use for executing by beheading?

Beheading was the official form of capital punishment in France, and most people find it surprising that the last beheading in France was in 1977. It was done using the guillotine, a French invention around the time of the French Revolution. Capital punishment was abolished there in 1981. Beheadings have taken place in other countries since then, and usually an axe or sword is used.

What crime would you have to do to get death penalty?

Except for extreme cases such as treason, we no longer use capital punishment for crimes other than homicide. We used to execute people for rape, but this is no longer the case. If you want to find out more you can read up on the Capital Punishment Debate on Wikipedia. There are references to other really good articles that go into great detail, look for scholars such as Louis Pojman or Hugo Bedau.

Was corporal and capitol punishment popular during the Age of Enlightenment?

Paradoxically, both capital and corporal punishment were at their height during the age of enlightenment. People were hanged for crimes that would be regarded today as petty - e.g. thefts. Corporal punishment (whipping) with the birch or the cat'o nine tails was the punishment for all other crimes that did not invoke the death penalty - e.g. prostitutes, vagrancy etc.

Why capital punishment is given in early morning?

because he do not need to wait for whole day for his punishment and at that time the prisoner is relexed. It also helps to control the crowd and other media persons at that time.

How does capital punishment decrease crime?

How?? Well, capital punishment is essentially the death penalty. If a person who is an extreme danger to society is executed then therefore they cannot create any more damage or commit any more crimes. In other words, decreasing the amount of crimes committed.

Is the death penalty considered as murder or punishment?

Well, that depends on who you are. US law considers it punishment... some people, morally, consider it murder. Other people agree with the law that it is a just punishment for certain kinds of crime.

What has the author Alexander Maconochie written?

Alexander Maconochie has written: 'Crime and punishment' -- subject(s): Prison discipline, Prison administration 'Supplement to Thoughts on convict management' -- subject(s): Penal colonies, Crime and criminals 'On secondary punishment' -- subject(s): Prison discipline, Criminals, Rehabilitation 'Thoughts on Convict Management: And Other Subjects Connected with the Australian Penal Colonies' 'On reformatory prison discipline' -- subject(s): Prison discipline 'Comparison between Mr. Bentham's views on punishment, and those advocated in connexion with the mark system' -- subject(s): Prison discipline, Views on punishment

Why is capital punishment used?

because life imprisonment dont always change the murderers life and most of them do get released and they probably dont really learn their lesson and it doesnt feel safe for a killer to be alive still and it doesnt make other people who suffered it their love ones murders feel better so judges created capital punishment to make things less worse

What does the death penalty mean?

The death penalty is another word for capital punishment and execution. In other words, putting a condemned person to death.

Why is capital punishment criticized?

I think it is morally wrong to murder someone because they have previously carried out a murder or other crime punishable by death.

Would the guillotine be a better choice for capital punishment than other problem riddled methods?

The guillotine will never be a better choice for capital punishment than the other problem riddled methods, because it is equally cruel, and backward. But it would be far more humane than torturing prisoners for 40 minutes or more with drugs while they are strapped down.

When people could not partipate in communion at church in medieval times what was the punishment called?

I think you are referring to excommunication, a punishment under which people could not receive communion, among other things.

What is your hypothesis about capital punishment?

It is not nor will ever be a deterrant to murder or other heinous acts. In the US, the death penalty is unfairly imposed in regards to race, social and economic status. The possibility of executing and innocent person far outweighs the argument for imposing the death penalty, and therefore capital punishment should be abolished.

When was capital punishment stopped in Britain?

The last executions in the United Kingdom, by hanging, took place in 1964, prior to capital punishment being abolished for murder (in 1969 in Great Britain and in 1973 in Northern Ireland). Although not applied since, the death penalty remained on the statute book for certain other offences until 1998.