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The first real explosive was Nitroglycerin. It was far too dangerous for stationary use. A much safer explosive called dynamite. This includes nitroglycerin and wood pulp.

That's about it .

Surely gunpowder was they first commonly available explosive? Nitroglycerin came several hundred years later.

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Why is dynamite exploding soo descructive?

Nitroglycerin has a very high chemical energy which is released quickly in an explosion, by chemical decomposition with evolved gases.

Does dynamite fishing use dynamite?

yes you do use dynamite

How do you write the word dynamite in a sentence?

-The dynamite exploded in the building -Dynamite is very dangerous. -Dynamite is used in war.

What is the correct spelling of the word 'dynamite'?

The correct spelling is, indeed, "dynamite."

What are the notes for dynamite for flute?


Can fused dynamite detonate unfused dynamite?

Yes, it is true that dynamite that is unfused near a fuesed dynamite stick can "explode" due to the combustion of the other stick of dynamite "going off:. Yes, it is true that dynamite that is unfused near a fuesed dynamite stick can "explode" due to the combustion of the other stick of dynamite "going off:.

Where can you watch Taio Cruz's new video 'Dynamite'?

search dynamite on youtube

What nicknames does George Letrell Dynamite go by?

George Letrell Dynamite goes by Dynamite.

When did Alfred Nobel patent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel patented his invention, dynamite in 1867.If you're looking for when he invented dynamite, he invented dynamite in 1866.

On Poptropica were is the dynamite?

You put the dynamite by the rocks after you have a line of gas by the rocks. Then you push the dynamite toward the rock and you turn on the elevator. After that your dynamite blows up the rocks.

What are antonyms of dynamite?

As a noun, there are no antonyms for the word dynamite. As an adjective, some antonyms for dynamite are dull or uninteresting.

What element is used in dynamite?

Nitrogen is used in dynamite.

Who discover dynamite?

Alfred noble was the inventor of dynamite.

How do you spell the word dynamite?

The correct spelling is 'dynamite'.

Who developed dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented the Dynamite.

What was dynamite used for in the 1800s?

Dynamite was not known in 1800.

Does chemistry have to do with dynamite?

The principal component of dynamite is nitroglycerin.

Who discovered dynamite?

Dynamite was invented in 1866 by Alfred Nobel.

In which year dynamite was invented?

Dynamite was created in the year 1867.

Who sings dynamite?

taio cruz is the one sings dynamite

Who wrote dynamite?

The song Dynamite was wrote by Taio Cruz.

Who was credited with inventing dynamite?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel

What is the misuse of dynamite?

Dynamite is used in bombs as it is an explosive substance.

When was Dynamite MC born?

Dynamite MC was born in 1973.

What is the difference between nuclear dynamite and regular dynamite?

Nuclear dynamite contain atoms with high energy so it can blow a large area whereas normal dynamite is just the opp..

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