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I believe that ICT has changed classrooms and teaching so much

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Q: How has education teaching and classrooms changed since the introduction of ICT?
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How has education changed since the 1900s?

"Well it has not really ."It depends on how you look at this question. If you consider education meaning children having the opportunity to learn and plan for their future as education, then no, it has not changed much, but if you consider the changes in the styles of teaching for a child's education, then yes, it has changed. Just look at the new technology available to teachers and how they teach, one would realize that the "accepted" way to teach has changed. With different ways of teaching progressing since the 1900's, one can't deny the fact that ones education process is then changed as well. It was not long ago when teachers could decide how to teach their students. Teachers would teach their students the same way they had been taught, or the way they saw best, however today, one would see a difference because there are more guidelines for teachers to follow. Some ideas are restricted and some have to be taught. If one was to ask all math teachers at one middle school, one would hear repeated answers of what they were teaching their students at a particular grade level. Students today have specific things they need to learn and teachers have less of an opportunity to branch out and teach their own way or add to the curriculum something they think may be important to add to a child's education. Looking at the technology available to some teachers now, one would be surprised how much it changes their way of teaching. One example is the SmartBoard. It's become very popular and often used in classrooms. It makes teaching more hands on and active, unlike it's been headed towards previously. Education, seen as how and what students are taught, will constantly change every year because of the advances or beliefs of what's right or what's wrong.

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