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Geography altered wars, floods,cities, etc.


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Without Geography, History and historians simply wouldn't know where they are...!!!

Geography has constantly influenced history by providing advantages and disadvantages. Some kinds of terrain are better for agriculture, transport and military strategy.

Geography has effected the history of India.There are so many ports in India which had become the major centre of internal and foreign trade.

The geography has effected the Indian history in many ways.For example India is a land of rivers, in medieval period wars took places to control the river and the land between rivers as they contained gold in them. Thus we can see how the geography has influenced Indian history.

history and geography are alike because history and geography look at where and how people live

because it was a game taught in geography

history and geography : cordillera administrative region

mountains, rivers, valleys, oceans, There are a lot

geography is importance 2 studying history

Human geography is the branch of geography which studies how human activity influences or is influenced by the surface of the earth.

Geography influenced development in Japan in a few different ways. The main way that influenced development in Japan were society and culture.

2. Write a paragraph using the following concepts: geology, physical geography, human geography, geologists and geographers.

History and Geography are connected by the change in human populations as they have moved around. These human populations also changed the physical geography of the places they live, so this is another connection to geography from History.

Geography, Domestic politics, Military might, History, Economic situation. It can also be influenced by nature and ideology of regime in power, the interest of bureaucrats and pressure groups.

the climate and geography influenced the rise of India's first civilization.

geography influenced the ancient Greek civilizations by eating cereal ☺

Robert Sullivan has written: 'The year in pictures, 2002' -- subject(s): World history, Modern History, Pictorial works, History 'Geography generalized..' -- subject(s): Geography 'An introduction to geography..' -- subject(s): Ancient History, Geography, History, Ancient

Because history is the study of the past and geography is the study of earth's physical and cultural features. So geography is related to history because the history tells what happened in the past and geography tells where it happened and who was there.The geographic location of a civilization can clearly effect its history of accomplishments or non-accomplishments.

Geography can affect the history of a group by distroying the artifacts

Geography influenced the types of crops grown, and the crops required different levels of labor.

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