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air pollution.

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Q: How has industrialization hurt the forest of Europe?
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What are threats to the tropical forest?

Human industrialization.

What effect did industrialization have on population of Europe?

Industrialization led to a burst in population for European countries (primarily Western).

Who benifited the most from industrialization in Europe?

Business owners.

Changes in estearn europes economy?

Eastern Europe did not industrialize the same time as Western Europe did. This is because they were opposed to industrialization as well as the West tried to prevent the spread of industrialization. Eastern Europe has been going through massive industrialization for the past couple of decades, however, which is why the economy of Eastern Europe has been changing dramatically.

What factors led to the industrialization of other nations after Britain?

The opening of new markets and availability of labor created the demand for inventions that sparked industrialization in Europe.

What helped spur industrialization in west Europe?

The production of steel

What region was the first to go through major industrialization?


How has industrialization negatively affected Europe?

a lot of people worked their.

What steps are being taken to stop industrialization in Europe?

No steps are being taken to stop industrialisation in Europe.

Why did belgium lead Europe in adopting Industrialization?

William I of the Netherlands adopted a variety of programs to encourage industrialization, while Belgium was a colony.

Where is the oldest natural forest in Europe?

black forest

How did the napoleonic wars and french revolution impact the industrialization of continental Europe?

The Napoleonic wars and French revolution impacted the industrialization of the Continental Europe. The disrupted the economy by halting trade and interrupting communications.