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it has influinced it and made it true in 1879 by Ruth handler

The impact was that little girls everywhere were happy. Why, they no longer had to play with paper dolls any more!

They can make them be anything do anything and make their own world where they are in control of everything and everyone!

cause they make loiitle girls imagine what the'll be like when they grow up and it gives them a good influence .

becuz her boobs are

nobody looks up 2 barbie dodo.


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The barbie doll is named barbie because the creator of barbie had named it after her daughter

Probably the first Holiday Barbie doll, from 1988.

Barbie Doll: 11.5 inches Ken Doll: 12 inches


Mattel sold the Butterfly Art Barbie doll in 2000.

Barbie was originally modeled after a German doll from the 50's

The value of Barbie Talking Dentist doll is $15. The doll is in the original unopened box

Barbie is named after the Barbie doll inventor's daughter, Barbara.

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A Barbie doll is for playing with or collecting.

because she was barbie doll

The Barbie doll was introduced in 1959. The Sindy doll was first sold about 1963.

it depends if you buy a barbie doll the codes are in th back of the package.

go onto dolls and games , type in barbie doll and say in album :)

The Bedtime Barbie soft cloth doll was sold in 1994.

The value for the Calvin Klein barbie doll is $100,000,000. thanks for asking

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The doll will have Mattel written on its backside.

The first Holiday Barbie Doll was made and released in 1988. The 1988 Holiday Barbie Doll is considered to be the first "Collectible Barbie". These dolls rapidly started being sold as soon as they were released.

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