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How has the Vietnam war affected the country of Vietnam?

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Gave them a glimpse of the western world.

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How was the us affected after the Vietnam war?

The United States was affected by the Vietnam War in many ways. The Vietnam War led to veterans coming home ill from the exposure to agent orange, ptsd, and addictions. The country as a whole was affected by a negative economy.

What historical events affected Vietnam?

The Vietnam War affected Vietnam

Who was affected by the Vietnam War?

i think that the soldiers were affected by the Vietnam war because when they came back from the Vietnam war many of them were messed up from what they saw over their

When do Vietnam won the war?

There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and another country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

How has Vietnam as a country been affected by the war?

They turned out to be a hardened nation; they bettered Communist China in about 1979 during a quick border war.

Describe how the vietnam war affected americans at home?

The Vietnam War affected the Americans at home due to civilian loss of life, about 415,000 lives.

Is Vietnam a war?

There was a Vietnam War, and it is also a country bordering China

How were the vietnamese affected by the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese were affected by the loss of lives and property.

How many countries was there in Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

After the war, there was a reunification of Vietnam. So the answer is "One country".

How did the US get in the war with Vietnam?

we got in the war with Vietnam because it was a communist country.

Is Vietnam a heroic country?

Yes. Vietnam want peace, not war. Of course Vietnam is the heroic country.

What happen to Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

After the war, N. and S. Vietnam became one unified communist country, Vietnam.

How were children affected by the Vietnam War?

Children in Vietnam were hard hit by the Vietnam War. Many of them were orphaned, and others had to flee their homes just to survive.

How are the civilians affected by the war of Vietnam?

Civilians were conscripted (drafted) to fight the war.

How was Australia affected in the Vietnam war?

Australia was drafting men to fight the war.

How were American nurses in the Vietnam war affected by the war?

US women volunteered for the military and in most cases volunteered for Vietnam.

What was the difference between north Vietnam and south Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam was a communist country. The Republic of South Vietnam was a free country.

Who does the Vietnam war memorial honor?

those who died serving their country in the Vietnam war.

Which country won Vietnam war?

The former NORTH Vietnam won the war; they are known as just Vietnam today.

What was like in Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

What haappened to Vietnam after the war?

Vietnam became one communist country.

How was Vietnam changed by the Vietnam War?

It became a communist but united country,

What was the cultural beliefs in the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was an agricultural based country.

How was Americas economy affected by the Vietnam war?

our economy was tremendously affected by the war . tax payers were paying for the war and we spent a million dolars a day while in the war

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