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How has the game lacrosse changed over time?


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In Lacrosse's current form, men's lacrosse is played on a field of grass or artificial turf (such as Field Turf). Each team is composed of 10 players on the field at a time: three attack men, three midfielders, three defenders and one goaltender. In men's lacrosse, players wear protective equipment on their heads, shoulders, arms, and hands, as body checking is an integral part of the game, and stick checks to the arms and hands are considered legal. Now, that is a big difference from how the Native Americans played lacrosse. As you can see, lacrosse has slowly developed into more of an advanced form of lacrosse. Since lacrosse's debut in the Native American age, lacrosse has changed in a lot of ways. including the sticks, the amount of players that are allowed on the field, the size of the lacrosse field, the ball that they use to play, the goals, the positions, etc.

Pretty much everything has changed since. The game has always required tremendous athletic skill. In early games, just running up and down the field was a great feat. Goals could be as far as 500 yards to half a mile apart and no sidelines limited the playing area. Games lasted two to three days with "time outs" between sundown and sunup. Compared today there are four quarters in very game, and each quarter is 15 minutes long. The only real main part of the game that remained the same was the concept of the game of lacrosse, to have fun, and to knock people out.


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