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Q: How has the metal detector evolved around the years?
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How old was alexander graham bell when he invented the metal detector?

He was 33 years old when he invented the metal detector.

which is top Metal Detector?

Metal DetectorMetal Detector - Get the Google Chromecast for sale, We are an online business for over 5 years and provide branded electronics at affordable. We also offer the 3 layer protective masks, Contact us now.

When was metal discovered?

Metal was discovered around 9000 years ago. Currently there are around 86 known metals. Iron was discovered around 3000 years ago.

How have dingoes evolved?

Dingoes have evolved from the Indian wolf or the Arctic wolf and have been around for 6,000 to 10,000 years. They have evolved to have a large powerful head, large teeth, and flatter skulls.

Was humans around when the dinosaurs were around?

No, Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million (65,000,000) years ago. Humans evolved about 120,000 years ago.

How many years have horses been around for?

Horses have been around for about 6000 years.FACT: Did you know that before horses evolved they were the size of a cat.

Where did life first evolve?

It evolved in H20 around a couple of billion years ago. They first evolved in oceans and water, the first animal was indeed a cell.

Where did birds evolve from?

Birds evolved from small, feathered dinosaurs. The earliest birds evolved around 160 million years ago, during the late Jurassic.

When did Equus first evolve?

Equus first evolved around 4 million years ago.

About how long ago did plants evolve?

Plants evolved around 750 million years ago.

When was man first on earth?

AnswerThis depends on your definition of 'man'. The very first modern humans, Homo sapiens, are known to have evolved over tow hundred thousand years ago. Our immediate ancestors, Homo erectus, evolved at least 1.6 million years ago. The earliest known member of the Homo genus, homo habilis, evolved around 2 million years ago and could be considered the first 'man'. Our most distant hominid ancestors are believed to have evolved around seven million years ago.

How long have dugongs been around?

According to an internet search, it is possible that dugongs evolved around 11 million years ago. Individual dugongs can get to be 70+ years of age.

Did kangaroos or salmon evolve first?

Interesting question! The earliest salmon evolved around 40 million years ago, kangeroos around 13 million years ago.

Who came first birds or reptiles?

Reptiles came first, appearing around 300 million years ago. Birds evolved around 160 million years ago.

How long have sharks been on Earth?

Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years.Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years. TRUE!Over 400 million years!Shakrs have been alive for a very long time. They have swam the waters of earth since about 409 million years ago. This period of time was before our first dinosaurs came to be infact.

History of the great white shark?

They evolved around 10 million years ago lived to today.

When did cheetahs evolve?

Cheetahs evolved around 5.5 million years ago, at the same time as most "golden cats" like Pumas, but only 1.6 million years ago were Lions, Jaguars, etc... evolved.

Which are older mammals or birds?

Mammals are older. The first mammals evolved around 220 million years ago, not long after the first dinosaurs. Birds evolved from small carnivorous dinosaurs about 160 million years ago.

How long ago did the steppe mammoth live?

Steppe Mammoth evolved about 600,000 years ago. They died out around 370,000 years ago.

Is it true that flowering plants evolved about 300 million years ago?

No. Flowering plants emerged around 140 million years ago.

What is the age difference between birds and humans?

Anatomically modern humans evolved around 200,000 years ago whereas true birds have been around 160 million years

How long does a carbon monoxide detector last?

Usually 7 years

Will metal music still be around in thirty years?

Yes. There will always be some form of "metal" music being made.

How has the lion evolved the years?

The lion has not evolved at all, if you please. Evolution is nonsense.

Have amphibians been around for 255 million years?

Yes, but for longer than 255 million years. The earliest amphibians evolved in the Devonian Period about 370 million years ago.