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How has the telephone changed peoples lifestyle?

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it made them lazyier

ur spelin iz arweful

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How did the telephone change the life of peoples?

When it was invented it changed communication everywere! but was expensive.

What does a microphone in a telephone do?

it does peoples moms it does peoples moms it does peoples moms

What lifestyle does China have?

What kind of peoples' lifestyle you wanna know? In China ,different people have different lifestyle.

How the TV has changed peoples lives?

it has changed peoples life by becomign famous on tv,

How can peoples lifestyle change due effect of ads?

it makes peoples live easier

How is the radio changed?

it has changed peoples lives

How has the telephone changed society?

The telephone has made it so people can talk to someone across the world! It has changed it for good!

Why did the pueblo peoples adopt a sedentary lifestyle?

They didnt have anything to do with their lives

What effects on peoples lifestyle did World War 2 have after it had finished?

a lot

How has the internet changed peoples lives?

It has changed us into the complete golden age!

Has the telephone evolved?

No, evolution is a natural process. The telephone has changed and been improved by design.

How can you get information on how the telephone has changed peoples lives today?

the telephone has changed our lives in heeeaps of ways.. its helped contact people in emergencies.. made it easier to talk to people.. if you want to say something that's not to their face.. just give them a call. you can find information on this bygo to answers.comask people you know.. they might knowand three try goooogle..

How have computers changed peoples jobs?


How technology changed peoples lives?


How did microwave changed peoples lives?

to cook

Has make up changed peoples lifes?

well it changed mine so it must!

How has the penicillin changed people's lives?

it has changed peoples lives it has saved there lives when they are sick

How did the telephone changed the world?

it changed the world merely by enabling the chances of information exchange.

How has Kevlar changed your lifestyle?

it makes you poop it makes you poop

What did man invented that changed his lifestyle from nomadic to sedentary?


Draw a diagram to show how the aryans changed the lifestyle of the Indians?


How has technology changed peoples homes?

heating and cooling

How peoples attitude changed against the war?

of course

How did train change peoples life?

It Changed them hormonally

How has the smoke detector changed peoples live?

yes it does