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The overall effect in minor but it does have an effect.One being due to its structure it affects the surrounding area.


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how does is wind speed affected by altitude

Early users of wind technology were called millers (from windmill).

Wind is useful in technology because it can create energy.

Because people are weak and can be affected weather or climatic changes.

Yes, wind is affected by weather. Weather is affected by currents. Currents are affected by tides. Tides are a result of the moons gravitational pull on the Earth.

It does not have a reaction!!

well you dont need any technology to get wind energy all you need is windmills!

On Dragon Fable, the element earth is usually affected most with a wind weapon or the element wind - vice versa with wind and earth, wind is affected most with earth weapons.

Wind and water erosion are affected by gravity.

Green technology is using technology to save resources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Local winds are affected by local geographic features!

The bigger the grain, the harder it is for wind to move it.

We want to know in what way Technology of Wind Turbines are advances as comapred to IC Engines??

In insurance, the term ex-wind is when your property is affected by wind but isn't covered in the insurance. Some insurance policies don't cover wind damage.

All that wind is, is the "Transferring" of heat. So if the wind stopped we shouldn't be too affected.

yep it affects it wind patterns and does not want to fly the same way.

rain, heat, snow, and wind

the local economy will as they will be losing money

Properly- and judiciously-applied technology. Wind and geothermal are also pretty cool.

we can not tell how much wind is bein produced

The Statue of Liberty is an example of a landmark that has been affected by weathering. Wind, rain, and snow have all affected the statue.

Wind affects plant growth by creating the problem of desiccation. The type an amount of plants that grow in an area will be affected by how much wind the area gets. An area that has lots of wind will only have plants that grow strong anchors. Vegetation tends to grow more on the side of a tree that will be less affected by the wind.

Wind turbines are used to harness wind energy. This is another technology to help save the planet.

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