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Q: How has yollie distinguished herself at saint theresas?
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What distinguished title does Saint Albert hold in the Catholic Church?

Doctor of the Church

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Gates of Splendor - 2002?

The cast of Beyond the Gates of Splendor - 2002 includes: Dawa as herself Ompodae as herself Carmela as herself Dayumae as herself Tementa as himself Paa as himself Mincaye as himself Frank Drown as himself Elisabeth Elliot Gren as herself Valerie Elliot Shepard as herself Olive Fleming Liefeld as herself Cam MacGregor as Barber Christopher Maleki as King Cyrus Marilou McCully as herself Malcolm Nurnberg as himself Carole Robarchek as herself Clayton Robarchek as himself Rachel Saint as herself Ginny Saint as herself Steve Saint as himself Jaime Saint as himself Jesse Saint as himself Kathy Saint Drown as herself Marj Saint Van Der Puy as herself Barbara Youderian as herself

Why is Saint Anne the patron saint of housewives?

Saint Anne was a wife, mother and housewife herself.

Which saint worked with immigrants in the US?

Saint Frances Cabrini who was herself an immigrant from Italy.

Where is Saint Clare of Assisi?

St. Clare's relics are in Assisi. Saint Clare, herself, is in heaven.

Why is Saint Catherine of Bologna a patron saint of art?

Catherine was, herself, an artist. She painted and illuminated scriptures.

Why was Saint Monica the patron saint of abused victims and wives?

Monica, herself, was the victim of an abusive husband.

Did Saint Lucy pull her eyeballs out herself?

No, they were torn out by her executioners.

Can your confirmation saint be non canonized?

Not likely. You can however, choose a Saint, whom this person greatly venerated, or was him/herself named after. Eg: Mother Teresa of Calcutta named herself after St. Teresa of Lisieux.

How is Saint Isabel a role model for Christians today?

Saint Isabel Of France always put the sick and poor before herself.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Special Message from Eva Marie Saint - 1959?

The cast of A Special Message from Eva Marie Saint - 1959 includes: Eva Marie Saint as herself

The patron saint of child care?

Saint Philomena (who was a child herself, only 14 when she passed away), and Saint Nicholas (also known as Santa Claus) are patron saints of children.