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How have apples been genetically modified food?


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Apples have been genetically modified to prevent growing when they are cut.

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Animals have been genetically engineered to produce more food. Food that is genetically modified is referred to as a GMO or Genetically Modified Organism.

death. Nothing, food that hasn't been genetically modified is natural food. The kind of food people have been eating for thousands of years. Something is more likely to happen to you if you eat genetically modified food.

hard to say because it is not always stated on the packaging if it has been genetically modified.Answer:60 to 70% of food in grocery stores are genetically modified. You don't know for sure, but most of what you eat has been genetically modified (unless you eat only organic foods, or something).

If it is genetically modified then it is not an organic food. Organic food is naturally grown.

By use of genetic engineering techniques, an organism may be able to be genetically modified. Various organisms ranging from bacteria to food products have been genetically modified in the society.

Any food can be genetically modified through genetic engineering. Three foods that have been genetically engineered are corn, soy, and canola.

Food that are known to have been genetically modified are corn, soy, canola, rice, wheat, apples, papayas, tomatoes, potatoes, crookneck squash, and possibly other foods. More and more foods are being genetically modified, so this list will grow as time goes on.

No movement to try to prevent the development of genetically modified food technology is known. There are; however, people who choose not to eat food that is known to be genetically modified, due to questions about the health and environmental effects of genetically modifying plants used for food.

There is a lot of talk about how genetically modified food is needed, but no real evidence that it is needed.

Yes, there is a type of salmon that has been genetically modified.

The harmful effects of the genetically modified food to health is that they contain cancerous cells.

No, growing food organically has no connection to biotechnology. Biotechnology produces food that is genetically modified. Organic foods are not genetically modified.

it means its genes are manipulated to produce desired quality food

Nearly every company uses "genetically modified organisms" in their products, because nearly everything we raise for food today has been bred so that it's quite different from its wild ancestors ... its genetics have been modified.

organic foods are naturally grown and genetically modified are grown using special chemicals and such

Genetically modified food is created in a lab by removing a gene from one organism and forcing it into an organism of a different species.

Food that has been genetically modified to ensure a certain characteristic when it is grown. e.g. same size fruits.

It depends on how it has been modified and what traits were selected for modification. Generally they grow at a similar rate to non-modified crops.

The most common genetically modified foods are corn, soybeans, canola, and cotton.

Any food that comes from a plant, animal, or other living thing can be genetically modified.

By GM, you probably mean genetically modified. That means the chicken's DNA has been modified to make it "better". A typical improvement is faster than average growth rate. The normal chicken has not been genetically modified. Organic chickens are not only not genetically modified themselves, but are fed food that has not been genetically modified either. These are considered the healthiest, but are also the most expensive. The GM has nothing to do with General Motors.

In general, non-genetically modified foods of any type (including whole soybeans) are preferred to the their genetically modified counterparts because the long-term health effects of consuming genetically modified foods have not been properly documented yet. There may be unanticipated health risks with consuming certain genetically modified foods.

People are concerned about this because genetically modified food is not natural food. It was genetically modified by a human or a machine. In either case, man made machine, and man isn't perfect. So, because of that, people are so concerned.

No, you have been eating it all your life in one way or another This is not a true statement, genetically engineered food has only been on the market since the mid 1990's.

GMF = Genetically Modified Food

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