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large ears to cool blood

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Where does a fennec fox live in Africa?

The Fennec Foxes have adapted to the Sahara Desert in North part of Africa.(due to the rising temperatures, low-water, and (dry like) desert environment.)

Where do fennec foxes live?

Fennec foxes live in Northern Africa and in some parts of the Sahara desert.

Where does the desert fox live?

Desert foxes, also known as Fennec foxes, live in the Sahara desert.

What kind of ecosystems do the fennec foxes live in?

The fennec foxes live in a desert ecosystem in the Sahara of northern Africa.

Where can a fennec fox be found?

Fennec Foxes live in the Sahara desert in Africa. They are also present elsewhere in Africa. Fennec Foxes are the smallest foxes in the world, but they have very big ears.

What kind of habitat does the fennec fox live in?

A fennec foxes habitat is in the desert. yes

Where do desert foxes live?

The fennec fox or fennec or desert fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.

Where are fennec foxs found in?

Hello! You can find fennec foxes in the Sahara Desert of North Africa.

Where does the fennec fox live?

The fennec lives in the northern parts of Africa.Dens and burrowsThe Fennec Fox lives in places such as the Sahara Desert, Arabian areas, etc. You may also be wondering why the Fennec Fox has such a thick coat, for an animal that lives in the desert. Desert nights are extremely cold, and the Fennec Fox is mostly nocturnal.

Where is a desert fox's habitat?

Fennec foxes are naturally found in the Sahara desert of North Africa

Where are desert foxes found?

There are desert foxes found in many deserts around the world but the desert fox, or fennec fox, is found in the Sahara region of Africa.

Where does a fennec fox live?

Fennec foxes live in the Sahara desert, the Arabian Peninsula, and semiarid or dry places.

How are fennec foxes adapted to the desert?

They have fur on the bottoms of their paws to protect them from hot sand. They also have very large ears which allows them to release unwanted heat through them.

Are fennec foxes endangered?

No, fennec foxes are not endangered.

Are fennec foxes carnivores?

No, fennec foxes are omnivores.

Why do fennec foxes have big ears?

Fennec Fox ear size is an adaptation for keeping cool in hot desert conditions.

Are there foxes in the Sahara desert?

Yes. but i only know of one. it is the fennec fox ]

How do fennec foxes get their water?

where do fennec foxes find water

Do arctic foxes live in the desert?

Artic foxes are adapted to life in the cold such as in the artic. They are not evolved to live in the desert.

Where might you find a fennec fox in the wild?

Fennecs are found in the Sahara in northern Africa,

What omnivores live in the Sahara desert?

Fennec and Ruepell foxes along with hyenas and Jackals.

What is the team nickname for Algeria?

Team nickname of Algeria is the fennec foxes and the desert warriors.

Are fennec foxes yellow?

Fennec foxes are a light beige in color.

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