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1) The Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989.

2) The Hubble Space telescope.

3) Earth based methods, especially spectroscopy.

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2012-11-03 10:36:10
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Q: How have humans gathered information about this planet neptune?
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Who was the first person on Neptune?

No humans have visited the planet Neptune.

Could humans survive in Neptune?

yes humans could live on Neptune. No they cant Neptune is a gas planet

Is Neptune the planet a suitable place to live in?

Neptune is a gas giant, so it is uninhabitable to humans.

Can Humans Surive On This Planet Named Uranus?

No. There is no oxygen in Neptune's atmosphere

Is Neptune the only planet that is too cold for humans to survive?

Without any heating systems or life support systems, any planet past Earth (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) would be too cold for humans to live. Also Neptune is a gas giant which has no solid surface to land on, so you could not even be on Neptune. So to answer your question directly, no Neptune is not the only planet that is too cold for humans to survive.

Is Neptune a star or a planet?

Neptune is a planet.

What are the reasons why humans cannot live on Neptune?

There no oxygen, life, and neptune is a gas planet so it is highly flamable. (Believe it or not)

Information on planet of Neptune?

neptune is a huge gas giant. it has winds reaching up to 159 miles per hour. it is the 8th planet from the sun.

What is Neptune's planet number?

Planet Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.

Is Neptune an inner or outer planet?

Neptune is an outer planet. It is the outermost planet in the solar system.

Why is it there the Neptune?

Neptune's vision is blue and it is the 8th planet. There is Neptune because it is a planet.

What is the eighth planet from the sun?

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sunneptuneNeptune.

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