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Q: How have landfill site been used in Tokyo?
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How have land fill sites been used in Tokyo?

landfill sites on reclaimed land are the main disposal sites for municipal solid waste generated from the 23 wards, the central area of Tokyo Metropolis.

What is good about a landfill site?

It creates methane that can be used to create electricity

What is a secure chemical landfill?

A secured chemical landfill is a disposal site used for housing hazardous materials and toxic waste with minimum environmental impact. They are secure due to their professional and experienced workforce and secure alarm system.

Describe 3 benefits of recycling waste?

1. It can re-used, cheaper energetically. 2. Environmentally friendly - non-biodegradables are not dumped in a landfill site. 3. Landfill sites are filling up, if we keep dumping rubbish in these sites then we will use up all our resources and most of the plannet will be landfill

What is the River Chelmer Used for?

its used as a landfill.

What does landfills means in Afrikaans?

Landfills may be translated in Afrikaans asgrondopvullings (when refering to the process)oropvullingsmateriaal (when refering to the materials used for the landfills).A landfill site is anopvullingsterrein.

When was the first landfill made?

1937 was when the world's first landfill was made. It was done in California in the United States. A landfill is used to bury wastes in a sanitary way.

What are disused quarries used for?

there are several different things they can be used for · Landfill site · Recycling facilities · Industry · Agriculture · Forestry · Leisure facilities · Retail development · Industrial archaeology · Nature conservation · Education

Draw a chart to illustrate what happens eventually to household refuse after it has been thrown into the refuse bin or the chute?

I've ignored recycling. Answer will vary depending on where you are in the world. Generally in the U.S.: organic material in refuse -> garbage hauler -> landfill -> anaerobically decompose into landfill gas (organic material) -> landfill gas goes out into environment, or is destroyed in flare or is used in renewable energy project inorganic material in refuse -> garbage hauler -> landfill -> stays in landfill

What is the ghalas-at island used for today?

plastic landfill

What percentage of land is used as landfill in Singapore?


How much damage does a landfill and a dumps?

Landfill and dumps do a lot of damage by taking up room that could be used for bulding houses on and the smell