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Q: How heavy of a load can a Clydesdale horse pull?
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What is a strong horse used to pull heavy loads?

clydesdale :)

What are some examples of animals that pull a heavy load?

Usually Horses can pull heavy loads....It depends on how heavy the load is really....It if was luggage, a horse could do the job!

Animal that pulls a heavy load?

Usually Horses can pull heavy loads....It depends on how heavy the load is really....It if was luggage, a horse could do the job!

What is the strongest breed of horse?

Strength usually means pulling power. The breed that can pull the most is the biggest breed also. The Clydesdale breeds. The Clydesdale also tires quickly. If you were to get a horse that was going to do heavy pulling all day it would have to be a Belgian.

What type of horse is a Clydesdale?

A Clydesdale is a very large type of draft horse. They have extra hair near their hooves. Budweiser uses them to pull wagons in parades.

Adaptations of a clydesdale horse?

One of the adaptations of the Clydesdale is its thick coat that helps protect it from harsh winter weather. Another adaptation is the thick body they have. They are strong and well known as hard workers that can pull heavy loads.

What do you put on a clydesdale to pull a carage?

A harness is used to attach the horse to the shafts of the carriage.

What was the quarter horse bred to do?

pull heavy loads

How much can a clydesdale horse pull?

Three times it's own weight, Which is around 2000-2400 lbs

What kind of horses pull 10000 lbs?

Heavy draft horses can pull that amount of weight when hitched up in teams of two or more horses. Some of the strongest breeds are: Shire, Brabant, Suffolk Punch, Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, and Canadian horse.

Did they make horse and carriage clocks out of real gold?

no it would be to heavy for the horse to pull.

What does a draft horse look like?

A draft horse is a horse that is bred to pull a wagon with a heavy load. One place you will see them is on Mackinaw Island where cars are not allowed. Draft horses carry people and their luggage all over the island. The Clydesdale horses seen in the Budweiser commercials are draft horses. Other breeds of draft horses are Belgians, Black Forest Horses, Boulonnais, Brabant, Percherons, and Fjords.

What is the main purpose of the Clydesdale horse?

From the region of the Clyde River in Scotland, these horses were bred to pull heavy loads. Most people only know them as the horses that pull the Budweiser Wagon but before machines these horses were what pulled the plows, stumps, and whatever else on the family farm.

How much can one Clydesdale pull?


Why is it convenient to pull a luggage fitted with rollers?

It is easier to pull a heavy load that is on wheels or rollers, than to carry the weight, or drag the load along the floor.

What horse did Clyde discover?

I'm not sure who Clyde is but the Clydesdale horse is from Scotland and the horse is named after this particular area in Scotland. The Clydesdale horse is most recognized for his beautiful bay color and his 'feathers', the long hair on the backs of his legs. The Budwieser Company has used these wonderful horses to pull their beer wagon for many years and they are always crowd pleasers.

How much can a Clydesdale pull?

6000-7200 lbs

How much can 2 Clydesdale horses pull?


What are the three main types of draft horses?

' Draft horse' is the type of horse. A draft horse is a type of horse designed to pull heavy loads and do hard, heavy work. Draft horses can be broken down into three size classes of Heavy, Medium, and Light draft.

What is strongest horse breed?

a draft horse, yes most likely a Clydesdale or Belgian Work horse, but on a strength per size ratio, the little Shetland pony can pull twice it's own weight. Compared to the larger draft breeds which on average can only pull about half their own weight

Is a snake stronger than an ox?

No. Oxen can pull heavy horse wagons for hundreds of miles.

How much can one horse pull?

I have heard that (draft) horses can pull about 6 times their own body weight. I hear that there are these horses that are called clydesdales that are extremely stong too. They are the ones with all that fur around their hooves. Thanks wiki, for yes, a clydesdale is a draft horse.

What are clydesdale horses taught how to do?

Often they are bronken in to pull carriges or for heavy work as they are big, strong builds. Another common use is for riding school horses for rides by different people.

How do you load staples into an office max heavy duty stapler?

To load more staples into an Office Max Heavy Duty Stapler, pull out the black lever on the back of the stapler, insert staples, and slide the lever back into place.

Breed of horse for pulling heavy loads?

Most draft horses can pull heavy loads. Clydesdales, Belgiums, Percherons, Shires etc are draft horses.