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It depends on the type of helicopter and the manufacture

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Q: How high can a RC helicopter fly?
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How high can a RC volitation helicopter fly?

70 ft

Why does your RC helicopter fly away?

because its dumb

What flying method does the Airwolf rc use?

The Airwolf RC is a Helicopter RC that uses a big chopper wing at the top to help lift the Airwolf RC Helicopter to let the motorized helicopter fly.

Can a helicopter fly high?

Yes, helicopters fly high when on long journeys.

What is the use of the RC Helicopter in Nintendogs?

Well, you can play with it with your Nintendog(s). The RC helicopter can fly in your control and you can change the screen modes too.

How far can you fly a RC helicopter?

23 feet in length 2miles in height

Which is better RC car or RC helicopter?

RC Helicopter

How high up can an outdoor rc helicopter go?

That depends on the helicopter. The one I have is made by Syma and goes 10 meters high.

How do you fly a RC helicopter?

actually you will find it diffuclt and hard but... keep practising and you can do it sorry about the spelling

What is the biggest RC helicopter in the world?

he Mil Mi-24 GunShip helicopter is the largest rc helicopter in the world.

What is the noise level of RC helicopter?

It really depends on the RC Helicopter. I had a very small helicopter that made very little noise, but my new (and significantly larger) RC copter makes a fair amount of noise. Most RC Helicopter make a buzzing sort of noise, that is reasonably loud. The volume depends on the size, how high it is going, how fast, and what manoeuvres.

Can a helicopter fly on Mars?

No it can not fly on mars because theres no air for it to create lift. Helicoptors can only fly on earth and they cant fly at high altitudes.

Is there a code for a RC helicopter on Nintendogs?

No, you can only get an RC Helicopter in the presents while, you're taking a walk.

How does helicopter does fly?

DOES a poo

Can a baby fly in a helicopter?


Why helicopter was developed?

to fly

How far can a helicopter fly on one tank of gas?

How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

Why is RC helicopter better than RC car?


Where can you buy a RC helicopter?


How fast does a military helicopter fly?

Depends on the purpose and make of the helicopter.

Can girls fly a helicopter?


Where did the first helicopter fly?

your house

How does wind help a helicopter fly?

it does

What can fly but has no wings?

time === Helicopter

How do you fly the helicopter on poptropica?

you click