RC Helicopters (remote control)

How high can a RC helicopter fly?

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It depends on the type of helicopter and the manufacture

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The Airwolf RC is a Helicopter RC that uses a big chopper wing at the top to help lift the Airwolf RC Helicopter to let the motorized helicopter fly.

Yes, helicopters fly high when on long journeys.

Well, you can play with it with your Nintendog(s). The RC helicopter can fly in your control and you can change the screen modes too.

23 feet in length 2miles in height

That depends on the helicopter. The one I have is made by Syma and goes 10 meters high.

actually you will find it diffuclt and hard but... keep practising and you can do it sorry about the spelling

It really depends on the RC Helicopter. I had a very small helicopter that made very little noise, but my new (and significantly larger) RC copter makes a fair amount of noise. Most RC Helicopter make a buzzing sort of noise, that is reasonably loud. The volume depends on the size, how high it is going, how fast, and what manoeuvres.

he Mil Mi-24 GunShip helicopter is the largest rc helicopter in the world.

No it can not fly on mars because theres no air for it to create lift. Helicoptors can only fly on earth and they cant fly at high altitudes.

No, you can only get an RC Helicopter in the presents while, you're taking a walk.

How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

Not only soccer makes you happy, There have many electronic toys that can be make more happy. Such type of toys can be rc helicopter . You can get review about rc helicopter by searching best rc helicopter

Depends on the purpose and make of the helicopter.

A helicopter can only fly in an atmosphere, where there is something for the rotors to push against. There's no atmosphere on the moon, so a helicopter can't fly there.

It depends what you mean by the term 'ultralight' ! If you mean a scale model of a helicopter that you fly by remote control - no. If you mean a full-size helicopter you actually sit in to fly - yes.

in the psp version you can fly a helicopter using a cwcheat it will be on your garage but the problem is the helicopter fly up the helicopter do not drive backwards so the garage door will close so your stuck in tha garage

Helicopters don't generally fly high enough for cabin pressurization to be necessary.

Usually you don't fly higher than 12,000 feet in a helicopter, because of the lack of oxygen at those high altitudes. However, there is a world record, holding up for 40 years: On June 12, 1972 Jean Boulet piloted the Aerospatiale SA-315 Lama to a helicopter absolute world altitude record of 40,820 feet.

The helicopter might not fly because the battery is dead and needs to be charged or because you have the remote and helicopter on different frequencies.

No. A helicopter is not faster than an airplane. A helicopter could fly at about 400-650 kph. But a plane could fly much faster than that.

A helicopter can only fly in an atmosphere, where there is something for the rotors to push against. There's no atmosphere on the moon, so a helicopter can't fly there.

Some of the companies producing high quality remote controlled helicopters are Century Helicopter, Align Helicopter and Miniature Aircraft. High quality RC helicopters are made from durable materials and feature high performance and power.

You might be able to fine a Walkera Dragonfly Helicopter in a specialty store that deals with RC items. You can definately find this RC helicopter in online stores.

Yes,an airplane can only fly no higher than the moon,an helicopter can fly only a mile higher than the moon

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