Craigslist is a website famous for hosting free advertisements for housing and job listings, personal ads, and all manner of other services. Questions about this website and how to use it belong here.

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How do you list an item for sale on Craig's list?

Go to the site, create an account, find the appropriate category for what it is you're trying to sell, and write your listing.

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How do you get a PVA to use Craigslist?

Not sute what your term PVA means and i looked up in google but didnt found any relevant results. At the meanwhile you can check the sources out below. Or you can trying editing your questions with full question so we can give you wat we have in brains. Thanks!

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What does ssbbw mean on craigslist?

super size big beautiful women.


What does ddf mean on craigslist?

DDF stands for Drug and Disease Free

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What does 'you host' mean on Craigslist?

It means that the poster expects to go to your place instead of you going to their place. It is commonly used in the personals section.


Does Craigs List offer cheap used golf carts?

Yes. Craigslist does offer cheap used golf carts although the golf carts are not always of the highest quality compared to some other second hand online services to buy used golf carts

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How do you put something for sale on craigs list?

It's pretty straightforward. Go to the Craigslist site, and find the craigslist that covers your area. Then, click on the category that covers your item, for example, car/trucks -- by owner. Then, click on post in the upper right hand corner and the site will walk you through the process. You'll need to respond to the email they'll send to you in order to post your message.

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What does 420 mean on craigslist?

420 refers to weed most of the time people use 420 friendly meaning marijuana friendly
Weed friendly

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What does generous mean on craigslist?

"generous" = prostitute


Does Craigs List have any used dodge trucks for sale?

You need to check the craigs list city that is closest to where you live for this answer, or look in a range you would be willing to commute to to check. Avoid long distance sales because they are mostly scams though.


What size of pictures on craigslist?

No Larger than 800 to 600 pxl if you upload directly to craigslist, but they will be resized.

If you need large images in your ads, then you must upload the pics to Craig Upload @ Copy & Paste the HTML image codes into your craigslist ad and you do not need to upload them to craigslist

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How do you advertise on Craigslist?

I need an answer

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What does it cost to list an item for sale on craigslist?

0$ It is a free service.


Does it cost anything to sell on craigslist?

No it's free. You can also add multiple large images free with


Can you find cheap televisions on Craigslist?

Yes you can, but you run the risk of getting a TV that is about to go bad, or already is. Always make sure they turn it on for you before you purchase. Listen for any funny noises, how the visual looks on the TV and so forth.


Is Craigslist a good place to find cheap apartments?

Craiglist can be a good place to find cheap apartments, but I would say be careful because there is a lot of spam on Craigslist and not everything is as it seems.

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Can you find cheap used golf carts on Craigslist?

Yes! People sell all sorts of things on craigslist such as clothing, shoes, cars, boats, tvs, dvrs, furniture, baby tools, textbooks, advertisement for employment and other sources of entertainment.


Difference between shadow and reflection?

A shadow is the absence of light, a reflection is just that, the reflection of light. So a shadow comes from blocking a light source, a reflection comes from the bouncing of light of one source and on to another

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Is there a website similar to Craigslist?

There are many sites that are similar to Craigslist.

Here is a list of similar sites that are also free:


How much does it cost to put something on Craigslist?

Nothing. Its free.


How does the Craigslist and eBay car scam work?

The ad usually offers a very good deal on a car and looks very legitimate. The seller appears to be looking out for your best interest, because they tell you that they would like to insure the transaction through eBay, for both your protection and theirs.

You then receive an e-mail which appears to be coming from eBay's Transaction Services division (which doesn't exist), and it even has a Transaction Service ID number for you to reference. The e-mail tells how you will be protected and provides payment instructions using Western Union, or some similar money transfer service. You send the money and waits for the next instruction regarding delivery of their car. That's where the happy store ends.

Your money is gone. You'll never see the car. You'll never be able to reach the "seller" again.

Any time someone wants you to pay through Western Union or some other money transfer service, that's a huge red flag. Those services are the next best thing to sending cash through the mail. They're great if you are sending money to someone you already know and trust, a family member for example. However, they're immediate and non-cancellable. Once you've sent the money, you can't get it back and the thief knows that too. The thief is using a fake name too, so when they pick up their money (and it is theirs now), it's gone forever. Do not pay using a money transfer service!

Transaction Steps Step 1:Both parties agree to terms, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection, and shipping information.

Step 2: Buyer sends payment informations to eBay International Trading: When payment is received, it will be verified.

Step 3 :After payment is secured, the Seller is notified by eBay International Trading to ship the merchandise to the Buyer.The Seller ships the merchandise to the Buyer using an approved delivery service.

Step 4: When the Buyer accepts the merchandise or the inspection period expires (at which point, the Buyer automatically accepts), the disbursement of payment will begin.

Step 5: If the Buyer accepts the merchandise, the Seller will be paid.

If your merchandise arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on or it is different than the pictures, you are also entitled to refund.

Under these circumstances you have to send back the item.

You are also entitled to a refund if the item doesn't arrive at all

eBay Protects Online Buyers and Sellers from FraudDetails of the Transaction

eBay reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.

Internet fraud costs victims millions of dollars each year.

Protect yourself with eBay!


How do you upload a picture onto craigslist org classified ads?

upload your picture to some free image sites (photobucket, and then use that URL with the img tag while posting to craigslist

E.g: --- is the URL of my image uploaded to When i post my article to craigslist i use the img tag as follows

<img src="" alt=image" title="image"

I just use to create an image gallery.


How do you delete your Craig's List account?

Change your email to a non-working address. When you try to log in with either the old or the new email address, you'll receive an error message: "Your email address, handle or password is incorrect. Please try again."


Does Craigslist sale bed canopies?

Craigslist will sell anything that someone will post. The only time they wont sell bed canopies is when no one is directly selling one. But usally they will


When was Craigslist created?

Foundation 1995 (incorporated 1999)


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