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bounce a ball and you'll find out

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Q: How high can a ball bounce in a warm atmosphere?
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Why does a basketball not bounce as high in the cold?

The atoms in the air inside the ball are continuously bouncing around. When temperatures become warm those atoms bounce faster, but when it becomes cold, atoms slow down making the ball not bounce as high.

Does a teenis ball bounce higher if its cold or hot?

if its cold its not going to bonce high if its warm its okay

Does a tennis ball bounce higher in warm weather?


How does earth bounce back heat into the atmosphere?

Warm air rises through convection.

Does the temperature effect a balls bounce?

Technically, yes it does. When something gets cold, (heat) energy is low inside the ball. When it is warm, more energy is inside the ball. The more the energy, the more the molecules creating the ball are shaking/ vibrating. This creates friction, therefore creating the heat you feel within the ball. So when a warm ball gets bounced, the energy transfer between the ball and the surface your bouncing it on is somewhat high. The higher the energy transfer, the higher the reaction (in this case the reaction is the bounce). When you bounce a cold ball, not only are the molecules more tightly packed (it feels somewhat harder), there is less of an energy transfer, therefore less bounce. So, in theory, a warm ball should bounce higher. I don't know how big the difference is, but the answer is yes, the temperature does effect a ball's bounce.

Does the warm temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

Yes. 'Warm' increases the elasticity. Cold decreases the elasticity. Extreme cold can make the substances brittle and not bounce at all.

Do warm tennis balls bounce better than cold tennis balls?

Given the same ball manufacturer and product, warm tennis balls will bounce higher than cold ones. However, there are specially made tennis balls that will bounce equally high for a given environment, whether it be in low or high altitudes, temperatures, humidity, court surfaces, etc.

How does air temperature affect the height of a tennis balls bounce?

Cold air is more dense which is making the ball bounce higher, warm air is less dense which is making the ball bounce less higher.

How does temperature affect the height that a dropped ball bounces?

When the ball is at a low temperature, the molecules are not flexible and bounce only to a small height. On the other hand, if the ball is warm or at a higher temperature, it will bounce longer heights.

Can the temperature of a tennis ball affect its bounce?

Yes, this is because when the tennis ball is in a heated environment warm air enters through the ball and because the temperature gets higher, the tennis ball would get bigger. When the tennis ball is bigger it would bounce higher.

Does a tennis ball bounce higher in cold weather or warm weather?

In the nature of science the ball would bounce higher whens its warmer because the air wont be so thick. That means the ball woukld get more air

Does temperature affect how a ball bounces?

It is better to bounce a netball or anything in warm weather why because it is warmer and it seams to bounce higher and than when it is cold it seams to bounce less!! hope this helps with your homework.!

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