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how high shour a 4 year old fever go be for we take to the hosptil

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Q: How high can a for year fever go be for you go to the hosptil?
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Is a 104 fever high for a 14 year old.should i go to the hospital?


Is 101.4 a high fever for a 7 year old boy?

Fever is a sign of the body fighting some sort of infection. 101.4 is not a very high fever. Fevers generally will reduce in a day to a few days time, with rest and fluids. A fever generally does not go higher than 105-106.2 degrees. If it does go above or the fever persists, visit a doctor.

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How do you get real high fever?

Be close to someone that is sick, or go out on a rain day and get will get your fever. Maybe

How high does your fever have to be for you not to be able to go to school the nest day?

Any height. As long as you are sick.

Should a 16 year old with fever of 103.5 axilary go to the hospital?


Is it safe to go to bed with a fever?

Yes. Millions of people do it daily. However, if you are running a dangerously high fever, 102 degrees F or higher, you should seek medical attention and remedy the fever before going to sleep.

Can diverticulitis cause high white count and fever fever?

Yes. Elevation in the white blood cell count is common in diverticuliti, as as is fever. It sounds like you have an internal infection in the bowels. Go see your doctor and get the proper treatment.

Do you take your two year old daughter to the hospital if she has a fast heart beat and a fever?

Yes. Go.

How high does the temperature have to be to not be at school?

If a child even has a slight fever of 99 degrees, they should not go to school. If a child has a fever, they are contagious and should not be around other children to spread whatever it is they have.

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Is a temperature of 39.7 degrees celsius in an adult dangerous? means you have high fever.. so go to doctor and get yourself checked.