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you have to smock alot of weed

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How can you escape from the plane when it crashed?

i jump off the plane before it crash

How high can a meerkat jump?

yer they can jump but i don't not how high they can jump though. they lonely jump to worn off their enemies

Is it possible to jump off the moon in outer space?

If you jump really high then yes it is possible to jump off the moon!

How can you sprain your ankle?

Jump off a high surface area, down to a low area.jump off a high surface to a low surface

What is high jump?

High jump is a competition where athletes attempt to jump over a fiberglass bar off of one foot and land on a mat.

How do you dive wile sky diving?

You dive while your about to jump off the plane or whatever your jumping off of.

Can you take off with two feet in the high jump?

No it's considered illegal you have to jump off with one foot.

In high jump is it illegal to jump off of two feet?

Yes. You must take-off from one foot.

How long is a high jumper off the ground?

it depends on how high he can jump.

Can you jump out of a plane with no parachute 100 feet high and land on concrete and still live?


What is a foul in high jump?

A foul in high jump is when you knock the bar off the standard or if you touch anything under the bar.

Are you allowed to jump with two feet in high jump?

U hav to jump off from 1 foot, then u can join them

What sport do you have to jump off a high board?


How do you accelerate higher in high jump?

Swing your arms up as you jump. Do pylometric excersises as well.And jump off 1 leg

Facilities of high jump long jump tripple jump are?

Triple jump and long jump competitions are often conducted with the same track and landing pit. Take off lines are marked on the track to indicate the separate starting points. High jump requires a landing mat, uprights, crossbars, and a running and take-off area.

How high do olympic ski jumpers jump off the ground?

The distance that ski jumpers jump is measured instead of how high they jump. At most Olympic events, they fly for about 100 meters.

Is there any way to fly without a plane?

yes, you could jump off a bridge or a building or a cliff

Do tacos taste amazing?

I would jump off a plane in the middle of Mexico for one, they do XD yes

How would you use opportunity in a sentence?

you could say :he saw the perfect opportunity to jump off the plane

Where do you play skydiving?

you play sky diving in the sky as to know,you would jump off a jet plane

If you jump up on a plane in midflight will you move slightly to the back of the plane?

The previous answerer misunderstood the question, which is about jumping inside the cabin of a plane in flight, not jumping *out* of the plane. You will not move toward the back of the plane, as long as the plane isn't accelerating. Think about the Earth -- it's orbiting the sun at tremendous speed, but you don't fly off it when you jump up and down in your yard.

Did Hannah Montana jump out of a plane or a helicopter?

pLANe {private}

Will hamsters die if they jump off a high elevation?

No, they have very flexible little bones that are like rubber. they can jump off very high places, and not get hurt. That's why they can squeeze through doors and stuff like that.

What do you do when your on mushrooms?

u get high and jump off the biggest building u can find

How high can a rottweiler jump?

How high can a rockwieler jump