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what is the high at on a high school high jump?



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beat them up

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Q: High school high jump
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Where did the inventor of high jump go to high school?

We do not even know ho invented the high jump. It was the greeks, and i doubt they had a standard High School in the old days.

Can high school people jump 13 meters high?

No. You may be thinking of the pole vault.

How high do you have to jump in running high jump?

It depends on how old you are and your sex. In high school boys starting height is usually around 5'6'' for girls it is a foot less 4'6''

How high can average male jump?

I High jump for my school so I would say 2 feet shy of his own height when he starts out.

What track and field event did Donald driver compete in in high school?

best event was high jump

Who was the first high school boy to high jump 7 ft?

I believe it was Max Lowe Ca.

First to make jump from high school to nba?

Moses Malone

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

If you jump high into the sky how high did you jump?

I don't know but that's prety high

How high can a rat terrier jump?

How high can a rockwieler jump

Where can I get my high school diploma?

You can not get your high school diploma unless you pass. Its a pre-requisite to go to college schools. If you think you can jump into college, you can ask your school to have a certification exams from first to your last year in high school, if you pass this then you can get your diploma.

How high can Steve hooker jump?

He can jump really high