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How high is Grant Hill's vertical leap?

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his vertical leap is 43 inches

Vertical leap is a term used in basketball. It is the measurement of how high a player can leap vertically, which is just what the name implies. Since I'm not a basketball player, my vertical leap is only about 15 inches.

Derrick Rose has a 40 inch vertical leap Derrick Rose has a 40 inch vertical leap no he has a 4 feet vertical jump

Vertical leap is the difference between your flat-footed standing reach and how high you can reach with the same hand while jumping off two feet, from a stand still.

If u calculate 245 high jump and his own height (195cm) vertical is around 58-60 inches

His officially recorded vertical leap is 42 inches.

Good vertical leap, strong arms, high endurance.

1600 feet in china by a new zealand guy but i forgot his name.

vertical leap? or height? vertical leap is relative to many aspects like weight height length of legs muscle tone and even race

His vertical jump was some where around 40 to 43

Russell Westbrook is the starting point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has a vertical of about 36 inches, a wing span of 6'7 and stands at 6'3

With no official recordings of vertical leap, the highest in the WNBA is thought to be that of Deanna Nolan with an estimated average jump height of 34 inches. In track and field, the world record for the high jump is held by Bulgaria's Stefka Kostadinova at 2.09 meters.

The average vertical leap is between 15-19 inches. I have a 28 inch vertical.

He is 5'9" and has a vertical leap of 45.3 in.

61 inches by kadour ziani

Chad Johnson once had an incredible vertical leap of 40 inches. He has not played in the NFL recently, but this athleticism made him one of the top receivers in the league.

I find that they can leap up to 45 feet horizontally, but not how high. Since a common housecat can jump to the top of a kitchen cabinet, I would assume a snow leopard could easily make a 12-15 foot vertical leap.

Larry Fitzgerald jumped a 42 inch vertical in the NFL Draft Combine.

19.5 inches = about 50 centimetres

2 ft but mine is 4.6 ft

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