How high is a thunderbolt?

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bigger than ben youngs head
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Can Metagross learn thunderbolt?

Metagross cannot learn Thunderbolt. Metagross can learn only twoElectric-type moves; Magnet Rise and Thunder Punch. Magnet Rise canbe taught by using a Move Reminder NPC. Thunder Punch can be taughtby using a Move Tutor NPC in the various Pokemon games where theyare available.

Where do you get thunderbolt?

After you receive HM Surf, you need to head towards ValleyWindworks. You can find Thunderbolt on a small island there, on theside of the mountain.

Where to get thunderbolt in Pokemon FireRed?

If you go to the game corner in Celadon city,you can buy alot of coins, ( which cost ALOT of money ) then go outside the little house next door, talk to the third(or second) person in the room, then one of the TM's are thunderbolt. also, on one of the people you can get a Porygon. P.S, i think the ( Full Answer )

Where do thunderbolts come from?

Due to sudden crash in the clouds raindrops get charged strongly withelectricity.Then suddenly Thunderbolts occur

Who provided Zeus with his thunderbolts?

cyclops look at this link, for full detail as there were 2 different phases of cyclops, original ones which helped Zeus overthrow Chaos, and then another, in the Odyssey, which is completely different to the first one, as they lived with and helped the gods while the second lot which Homer wrote a ( Full Answer )

Were is Thunderbolt in Pokemon Ruby?

The TM24, which contains Thunderbolt, is given after defeating the third gym leader Watson and it can be bought at the Mauville Game Corner for 4000 coins no that's shock wave After you beat the team magmas Maxie at MT. Chimney, go back to Mauville city and gym leader Watson is beside and ab ( Full Answer )

Where is thunderbolt in sapphire?

I believe wattson the 3rd gym leader gives it to you after shutting down the generator in new mauville.

Value of bsa 1967 thunderbolt?

500$ if it's rough worn incomplete and broken, 5000$ if it's better than new and original. You will have to provide more details if it's in the middle somewhere.

Where did Zeus get his thunderbolt?

Zeus got his thunderbolt by throwing the titan leader, Chronos, in a dark tunnel of death in the under world with Hades.

Where is the TM thunderbolt in leafgreen?

in order to get thunderbolt, you must have 4000 coins in the rocket game corner. then go to the vendor to the right and it will be the 3rd one down.

Is the thunderbolt a spear?

\nA thunderbolt is a flash of lightning. Zeus uses them as spears or to burn.

What is the voltage of a thunderbolt?

it measured 2million V. but in meteorology they suppose it as 3million V. per meter (if cloud is at 1km height 3million x 1000m gives you answer)

Who was captain Thunderbolts mum and dad?

Captain Thunderbolt's father was Michael Ward, a convict, and hismother's name was Sophia. Captain Thunderbolt's birth name wasFrederick Wordsworth Ward.

Which TM is thunderbolt?

the original TM for thunder bolt in red blue and yellow was TM 24 it might have changed now but i think usually u can buy it at the celedon city store in the games corner ( where rockets hide out was) hope this helps

How was Captain Thunderbolt killed?

Fred Ward, aka Thunderbolt, was allegedly shot dead by Constable Alexander Walker on 25 May 1870. However, there remains some contention as to whether it was actually Thunderbolt who was killed, or his brother William, also known as 'Harry'.

Did captain thunderbolt have any children?

He had 10 children with his wife Sophia. They include: WilliamHarry, Sophia Jane, Sarah Ann, Amelia Emily, Edward B, Joshua,George E, Esther P, Selina Maria and Frederick Wordsworth.

Where did Captain Thunderbolt live?

Captain Thunderbolt, aka Frederick Ward, lived near the small NSW country town of Uralla. A rock originally known as "Split Rock" became known as "Thunderbolt's Rock".

Does Pikachu learn thunderbolt?

Yes, it does. Just train him/her and you will get it. I catch pika on lvl 24, and he already had it. I cought him in Power Plant. So... Good luck.

What was Zeus' thunderbolt made of?

think of the most painful thing in the world, X100000000000 now think of the strongest metal ever, X5000000 and that together= i wouldn't want that thrown at me!!!

How did Zeus get his thunderbolt?

The Cyclops. Since Zeus freed them when he ruled, they (along with Hephaestus) forged the weapons of the gods. In return, they gave Zeus thunderbolts.

How big is an A10 Thunderbolt?

According to the official US Air Force fact sheet, the size of the A-10 is: Wingspan: 57 feet, 6 inches (17.42 meters) Length: 53 feet, 4 inches (16.16 meters) Height: 14 feet, 8 inches (4.42 meters) Weight: 29,000 pounds (13,154 kilograms) For comparison, it's about 40% of the siz ( Full Answer )

What did bushranger Thunderbolt do?

Bushranger Captain Thunderbolt was an excellent horseman whose crime was horse stealing. He was sentenced in 1856 to the infamous Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour but released four years later on a ticket-of-leave to work on a Mudgee farm. During this time, he stole more horses, and was sent back t ( Full Answer )

How much is the Verizon thunderbolt?

I was at the Verizon store today and he said 700 is what Verizon is debating for it but 300-500 with a 2 year contract cause it has 4g a dual processer and much more

What is the cheat code in ruby for thunderbolt?

How do you expect me to know? P.S. I seriously doubt there even is one. Save up 80,000 poke and buy 4,000 coins and then use them to buy TM 24 at the Mauville City Game Corner.

How did the A-10 Thunderbolt get the nickname Warthog?

The A10 Thunderbolt II, or Warthog, ("Hog" to it's pilots) was so named for many reasons, first being the fact that it's ugly. History shows that aircraft will get a nickname from it's pilots that is more insulting dependent on how much they love it, and they must really love the Warthog to name it ( Full Answer )

Is Thunderbolt worth it?

Thunderbolt is not worth it at the moment. There are no devices fast enough to take advantage of this port, USB 3.0 is fine. Plus, since this port is reserved for Apple only, it can't prosper since other companies can't use it.

Where do get thunderbolt in FireRed and LeafGreen?

In celadon city, the little building next to the game corner has prizes, go inside and the person on the right has TM's. then you get a bunch of coins and buy TM 29, hope it helps!

Where was Captain Thunderbolt a bushranger?

Most of Captain Thunderbolt's activity was around Uralla, a small town in northern NSW country. He sheltered at a rock which became famously known as "Thunderbolt's Rock".

Was Captain Thunderbolt captured by the police?

No. Fred Ward, aka Thunderbolt, was allegedly shot dead by Constable Alexander Walker on 25 May 1870. However, there remains some contention as to whether it was actually Thunderbolt who was killed, or his brother William, also known as 'Harry'.

Can Dragonite learn thunderbolt in LeafGreen?

Yes, Dragonite can learn Thunderbolt. It learns it through the use of the Thunderbolt TM, which you can buy at the Celadon Game Corner for 4,000 coins.

What are the advantages of thunderbolt?

The advantages of the A-10 Thunderbolt are its ability to fly low, take substantial amounts of damage, and destroy numerous targets simultaneously. This aircraft was designed for the Cold War which resulted in its retirement shortly after the conflict ended.