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A good way to set the height for a bicycle saddle is to:

- put butt on the saddle

- put a pedal at its lowest (6 o'clock position)

- heel of foot - with riding shoe on - on the pedal

Now your leg should be almost entirely straight at the knee.

When riding, you should have the pedal platfor behind the toes but in front of the arch of the foot.

When riding, you should be able to turn the pedals full round w/o your hips tilting to reach the pedal at its lowest point.

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Q: How high should your bicycle saddle be?
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Where can you buy a bicycle saddle?

Bicycle seats or 'saddles' are available to puchase from a wide range of outlets. Online provider, REI, offers a range of saddles types in addition to guidance on how to choose the right bicycle saddle. On the other hand, Amazon offers competitive prices on the innovative Ergo saddle, famous for eliminating pain and numbness when cycling.

What is another name for a seat on a bike?

A bicycle seat is typically called a saddle.

What is a good rule of thumb when selecting the seat height of your bicycle?

If you put your heel on the pedal when you're in the saddle, the leg should be almost completely straight when the pedal is at its lowest.

Can you apply turtle wax on a bicycle and leave it unbuffered to store the bicycle?

Sure. Keep it off tires, rims, brake parts, saddle and grips though.

What type of saddle pad should you use on a high withered horse?

a back riser or prolite

How much should you come out of the saddle when jumping?

You shoud come out of the saddle about 30 degrees when jumping, but it actually depends on how high the jump is that you are tackling. If is is a very high jump, eg. over 1 metre, then you would have to get out of the saddle more to be able to balance with your horse. Hope this helps. =)

Is the seat of a bicycle a simple machine?

Simple machines are things that change the direction or magnitude of a force. A bicycle saddle doesn't do that, so no.

Is a bicycle the right fit for you if the ball of your foot is touching the ground?

The basics of bicycle sizing is that when you straddle the frame(Not the saddle!) you should have some clearance between the top tube and your crotch. When you're in the saddle, with the ball of your foot on the pedal, then you should have a small amount of bend in your knee with the pedal in its lowest position. Then there are the niceties like crank arm length, and reach between saddle and bar, etc etc. Run a netsearch on "bicycle sizing" and you'll find some more detailed pointers. Keep in mind that if you're looking at bikes which generally aren't ridden seated, like BMXes and DH MTBs, these fitting basics don't work particlularly well any more.

Why are bicycle seats padded?

Not all of them are. Brooks saddles for instance aren't. But generally the padding allows a saddle to be comfortable even if there is a bit of mismatch between the shape of your sit bones and the saddle.

What parts of a bicycle are injection moulded?

Part of the saddle, possibly pedals, grips. Parts of the shifters, brake levers.

Does an adjusted saddle touch the horse's withers?

NO. The saddle should not touch the withers.

How do you put a saddlebag on a bicycle?

There are two rails under the saddle. The bag will attach to these either using straps or some sort of clip.