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How hot does a clothes iron get?

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According to, the temperature of a clothes iron is as follows: Acrylic setting, 107; Nylon/Silk 121; Rayon 132; Cotton blends 149; wool 166; 100% cotton 193, and Linen 204 degrees. The iron will get hotter if it is left on the fabric, and it must be attended at all times. Modern electric irons have automatic shut offs to help prevent fires.

The heat from a clothes iron ranges from 100-200C, but can get hotter if left on the cloth.

Acrylic setting, 107;

Nylon/Silk 121;

Rayon 132;

Cotton blends 149;

wool 166;

100% cotton 193,

and Linen 204 degrees.

Source: Ski Wax

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2013-01-10 22:20:48
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How does a clothes iron get hot?

All temperatures are in Centigrade.

What is 'plancha' when translated from Spanish to English?

As a noun - Iron (as in a clothes iron) As a verb - to iron (clothes or material) It is also a hot plate that is cooked upon.

Does a cold iron help straighten your clothes?

A cold iron is not very effective for straightening or smoothing your clothes. You will get better results using a hot iron on slightly dampened clothes. A steam iron used at the correct temperature for the fabric will give the very best possible results.

How do you get candle wax off clothes?

Try using paper and a hot iron. The iron will melt the wax, and the paper should absorb it.

Circuit diagram of electric iron?

put water inmake it hotclean clothesthen you are done

What is the elements of an iron?

"An iron" - as in a hot thing to flatten clothes - probably have several parts of quite different materials. There probably is iron in there, also copper. some hydrocarbons.

When was Clothes iron created?

Clothes iron was created in 1882.

What is the purpose of a steam iron?

It's used to get the wrinkles out of clothes, so they don't look crumpled up when you put them on. In the 1800's since people didn't have electricity, you had to put a steam iron on a lit stove and wait until the iron was hot enough that it would iron clothes.

What appliance produces thermal energy?

Toaster, Oven, Clothes Dryer, Iron, ( anything that heats up) Hair curling iron, Hot water heater...

Advantage of using thermostat in an iron?

The advantage of using the thermostat is so you don't burn or scorch your clothes when you are using it. An iron can become very hot quickly.

Is an iron an element?

"An iron" - as in a hot thing to flatten clothes - probably have several parts of quite different materials. Made items of different parts are not elements.

Can we take clothes iron in hand carry?

Yes, you can carry on a clothes iron.

How do you say iron clothes in spanish?

"To iron clothes" is "planchar ropa" in Spanish.

Why should you iron your clothes?

You should iron your clothes because there would be wrinkles and creases after you wash your clothes. After you iron your clothes by using an iron whether it is dry or steam, you can get rid of wrinkles and creases. You can use tips shared here to use any iron as per your requirement.

Why was the clothes iron invented?

to get the wrinkles out of your clothes

What does ma use to iron the girl's dresses with on Little House on the Prairie?

Well pretty much its just a piece of iron made into any iron and they heated it on the stove and when it was hot enough they would sprinkle water on the cloths and iron the clothes.

When ironing white clothes i get brown spots what can i do to avoid spots?

These brown spots are the bane of people who iron everywhere. You have scorched the fabric by using an iron that is too hot and leaving the iron in place too long.

Why does a hot iron help straighten your clothes?

An iron is hot in order to turn the water you put in it into steam. The steam is the key ingredient here. Basically you're making the fabric hot and damp, and using the weight of the iron to flatten out creases. The steam and warmth helps the fabric fibers to relax whatever shape they've gotten bent into.

What do you use iron for?

you use iron for ironing your clothes,

What do you call the thing you use to iron your clothes?

An iron.

How do you get iron out of clothes?

Its called iron out specially for clothes, look in the laundry soap isle it should be there, Walmart....

How has ironing clothes changed over the years?

It has changed from heating an iron on a range, to filling a chamber with hot coals, to being powered by electricity from a light socket power point, to the addition of steam and steam presses in order to iron clothes quicker and with more precision.

Who discovered that a hot iron or any other flat heavy object can smooth or take wrinkles out of clothes?

gorge the dumy gorge the dumy

Why does an iron dribble water when I am ironing my clothes?

get a new iron.

Why was iron clothes invented?

If you mean a suit of armor, it was invented to protect the wearer from enemy weapons. If you mean the clothes iron, it was invented to smooth out wrinkles after the clothes were washed.