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i imagen that the asteroid belt is very cold seeing that it not that far fromt the sun

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Q: How hot is the asteroid belt?
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What is the asteroid belt moons?

The asteroid belt does not have moons: it has asteroids, which is why it is called the asteroid belt!

How do you spell asteroid belt?

It is spelled: Asteroid Belt

Does the asteroid belt have a name?

The Main Asteroid Belt.

Is the Moon's on the asteroid belt?

Our moon is not in the asteroid belt. No planet's moon is in the asteroid belt or it would not be a moon.

Is Mars located in the asteroid belt?

Mars is not in the asteroid belt. The Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

How cold the asteroid belt?

It can get as cold as it can. The farther the planet with an asteroid belt is from the sun, the colder the asteroid belt gets :)

Is Saturn in the asteroid belt?

No. Saturn is beyond the asteroid belt.

What atmospheric gases on asteroid belt?

The asteroid belt does not have an atmosphere.

What color are the asteroid belt?

The Asteroid belt is Black-Brown

Is the asteroid belt an inner or outer asteroid belt?


What asteroid belt is Venus in?

Venus is not in any asteroid belt.

Where is the asteroid belt in the planet Jupiter?

The asteroid belt is not in Jupiter.

What is the inner asteroid belt and outer asteroid belt?

Two parts of the asteroid belt, the inner belt is closer to the Sun and the outer belt is further from the Sun.

What is the main asteroid belt called?

The main asteroid belt is actually called the asteroid belt - pretty dull really.

Where is the location of the asteroid?

in the asteroid belt?

Is Saturn inside or out side the asteroid belt?

it is outside the asteroid belt

Why is there an asteroid belt in front of Jupiter?

why is there an asteroid belt in front of jupiter?

What relationship does the asteroid belt and the sun have?

The asteroid belt orbits the Sun

What is the position of the asteroid belt?

Asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

Is earth inside the asteroid belt?

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

Is Saturn inside the asteroid belt or out?

no its in the outer side of the asteroid belt

Is the asteroid belt a inside or a outside?

Ceres is part of the asteroid belt.

What is the name of the asteroid belt separating Mars and Jupiter?

The asteroid belt separating Mars and Jupiter is called the Main Asteroid Belt.

Where is the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt located?

the asteroid belt is located betwen mars and jupeter.

Is mars in or out of the asteroid belt?

Mars is an "inner planet", but it's not in the main asteroid belt. There are the inner planets, then the asteroid belt, then the outer planets.