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it is outside the asteroid belt

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Q: Is Saturn inside or out side the asteroid belt?
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Is Saturn inside the asteroid belt or out?

no its in the outer side of the asteroid belt

Is Jupiter inside or outsider the asteroid belt?

out side

What is Jupiter next too?

The Planet Jupiter is between the planet Saturn and the asteroid belt. On the other side of the asteroid belt is the planet Mars.

Is mars located inside or outside the asteroid belt?

out side

Is neptune a inner planet or a outer planet?

Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are outer planets. If the planet is on the opposite side of the Asteroid Belt, (away from the Sun), between Mars and Jupiter, it is an outer planet. If it is on the inside of the Asteroid Belt; Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury, it is an Inner planet. Neptune is an Outer Planet. It is far away from the Asteroid Belt, on the outer side of the solar system.

Is Uranus the inner or outer planets?

The outer planets are those on the other side of the Asteroid Belt away from the Sun. They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The inner planets are inside the Asteroid Belt towards the Sun. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Uranus is an outer planet.

Is Jupiter located in the inside of an asteroid belt or the outside of an asteroid belt?

The asteroid belt in our solar system is located in between the orbits of mars and jupiter. Jupiter is located on the side furthest away from Earth so you could say its the outside.

Name of all planet around the earth?

Venus and Mercury are between the Earth and the Sun. Mars is between the Earth and the asteroid belt, and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are on the other side of the asteroid belt from the Earth.

Which 2 planets are on either side of the Asteroid Belt?

The asteroid belt lies between Jupiter and Mars.

Is mars a inner planet or outter planet?

Mars is an inner planet. It lies on the side of the asteroid belt which contains Earth, Venus, and Mercury. On the other side of the Asteroid Belt are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - which is no longer considered to be a planet, but a dwarf planet. These are the outer planets.

What planets are near the asteroid belt?

Mars and Jupiter are located near the asteroid belt, with Mars being on the inner side of it and Jupiter being on the outer side of it.

What is the side of Uranus?

If you mean which side is Uranus on of the asteroid belt it's on the gaseous side.

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