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Q: How human behaviour is generally caused and predictable explain?
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Are tsunami predictable?

It depends on what exactly you mean by predictable. If you mean is it possible to predict when a tsunami will happen, then the answer is negative. Tsunami are most commonly caused by seismic activity of tectonic plates, which creates a sudden, violent displacement of water. This means that to predict a tsunami, one must first be able to predict the earthquake, which, at the present time, is not possible. If you mean if it is possible to predict the behaviour of a tsunami, then the answer is yes. Tsunami follow set equations of wave behaviour, and therefore elements such as speed, height, wave period etc can be found and modelled.

How do you overcome diseases caused by lifestyle or behaviour?

change your habits

Why does your pet mouse do back flips?

The back flips that your pet mouse may perform are a type of stereotypic behaviour (abnormal behaviour) and is caused by stress.

What is a sentence for explain?

He asked the teacher to explain the question.We cannot explain what caused the strange lights.

Can you give me a sentence with the word ruction?

His behaviour caused a ruction and he was eventually thrown out of the night club.

The characteristic that all torts share is that someone is engaged in?

Behaviour that caused harm to someone else

How do people today explain how the black death was caused?

They know it was caused by rats and fleas

How are bore tide and tsunami different?

Tides are caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon (and other astronomical bodies to a lesser extent), and tsunamis are caused by earthquakes. Tides are very predictable, tsunamis are very unpredictable.

How does adult stepson handle an alcoholic stepfather?

Don't try to confront him when he's drunk. Talk to him calmly and assertively when he is hung over and at his most vunerable, and explain to him that his behaviour is hurting your mother and yourself and that he must get help.Never enable him, by fixing problems caused by his drinking or giving him money.

What are the Environmental differences within ecosystems are generally caused by?

abiotic factors

Does the declaration of independence explain the events that caused the colonists to revolt?


What kind of action is a sneeze caused by pepper in the air explain?