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Comparator is usually a substance which compares two quantities; one quantity is the processed one and the other is a standard value to which the processed value has to be compared. Hysteresis is a property in which the change in the magnetization lags behind change in the magnetic field. Now, Hysteresis comparator can be described as a comparator which compares a processed quantity with a quantity whose value is standard for hysteresis property., the difference being given as the output

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Q: How hysteresis comparator works?
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What is the purpose and working of Hysteresis comparator of direct torque control of induction motor?

A comparator will trigger at a set point as deigned Without hysteresis if the level is there for a very long time it will have the effect of oscillating back and forth . hysteresis is feedback to insure a dead band whereby it has to be one state or the other

What is Hysteresis motor working principle?

It is a special type of synchronous motor.It works on the principle of hysteresis and the torque is produced due to hysteresis

Causes of hysteresis loss in transformer?

Changes in the magnetic field will always produce hysteresis loss. Since transformer works based on the electromagnetic induction. Hysteresis loss is predominant. It can be minimized by stampings with suitable design.

How fan in CPU working using comparator?

by electrical source computer fan works

Why hysteresis is necessary?

Without hysteresis, computers would have no memory (either short term or long term), and even if I were fast enough to type this message completely before my computer forgot about it, there would be no way for you to read it without a storage disk, which basically works of some sort of hysteresis (most probably ferromagnetic) hysteresis is "a dependence on the past": it's memory.

What is advantage and disadvantage of optical comparator?

optical comparator advanteges

What is mean by comparatorexplain with diagrame?

com[arator is apricision instrument it is used to compare the actual size of workpeice there r 4 types of comparator 1: mechanical comparator 2:electrical comparator 3:optical comparator 4:penumatic comparator

Can you measure hysteresis loss for diamagnetic materials?

what is hysteresis losses

What is sigma comparator?

it is a mechanical comparator with magnification in range of 300 to 5000

Similarity between opamp and comparator?

A comparator is simply an opamp with a certain configuation of external circuitry ( a few components) that make it function as a comparator.

Diagram of hysteresis motor?

can Hysteresis motor use like alternator

How do you calculate hysteresis?

max hysteresis = max(O_decreasing - O_increasing) / (O_max - O_min)

Design 2-bit comparator using gates?

2 bit comparator = 1bit magnitude comparator +1 bit magnitude comparator if A>B =A(~B)(B bar); if A<B = ~A.B; A==B = AB + (~A)(~B); block of instruction shown above is for 1 bit comparator means if A>B ==true then High bit is set on (A>B) output. if A<B true then high bit is set on (A==B) output, If we cascade two 1 bit comparator then we can design 2-bit comparator...

What is hysteresis and dead zone?

Hysteresis is a phenomena which dipicts different output effect with loading and unloading

Operation principle of hysteresis motor?

Give a brief idea of principle of hysteresis motor,application.

What does hysteresis mean in magnetism?

Lagging intensity of magnetization with respect to magnetizing field is called hysteresis.

Why is hysteresis desired in schmitt trigger?

A Schmitt trigger is an alternative to a comparator for digitizing an analog waveform into a 0-1 signal. Unlike a comparator, the output does not change based on whether the analog waveform is above or below x value. It changes when the value is sufficiently BEYOND x to put the trigger into another state. So, if x is set at 0.5, and our hysteresis value is 0.1, then the trigger will go to 1 when the signal is >0.6 but will not turn back to 0 again until the signal drops below 0.4. So in the range 0.4-0.6 the output will be whatever it was before. The advantage to this is that it reduces noise. Oscillations about x will not make the trigger turn rapidly on and off.

What are the release dates for Hysteresis - 2012?

Hysteresis - 2012 was released on: USA: 1 October 2012

How do you spell comparitor?


How can you measure the hysteresis loop of the ferroelectric materials and what is the name of the instruments used for the measurements of the hysteresis loop?

it is agm or vsm

How does op-amp work as adder and subtractor?

The op-amp works as an adder and sub-tractor when the adder circuit is a summing amplifier and when the comparator is a non-linear signal processor. This is how the op-amp works.

How does one receive hysteresis?

Hysteresis occurs most commonly in ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials such as rubber bands and shape-memory alloys. When the material is flexed the atoms often break apart causing hysteresis.

Is equals a comparator of maths?

"Equal to" is a comparator. "Not equal to" is also a comparator.The following comparators are also used to compare scalar quantities:less thanless than or equal togreater thangreater than or equal to

Difference between a schmitt trigger and an ordinary comparator?

A Schmitt trigger is very similar to a comparator -- both have analog input and send out either a "high" or "low" digital output. A comparator senses the difference between its "+" and "-" inputs. If the "+" input is even a little bit higher than the "-", the comparator sends out a "high". If the "-" input is even a little bit higher than the "+", the comparator sends out a "low". A comparator has only one threshold value. A Schmitt trigger can be built from a comparator and some resistors. Typically the circuit involves positive feedback -- attaching a resistor to feed a small amount of the comparator's output back to the "+" input. A Schmitt trigger has 2 threshold values.

What is hytsteresis?

A misspelling of the word "hysteresis".