How in 'Of Mice and Men' novel the ways in which the different characters are cruel or kind or a mixture of both?

Mixture of both Lennie is symbolises the typical "wise fool," who is mentally inferior but able to reveal the best and the worst of others. Lennie's foolishness often allows him to speak honestly where others won't, and he sometimes taps into things that "normal" people can't (like the fact that the ranch isn't a good place for him and George to be hanging out). Lennie is also symbolic of people who are mistreated and discriminated against because of their mental handicaps. Finally coming back to the title, mice, like men, suffer from the randomness of destiny. As the Burns poem goes, both mice and men are victim to their best-laid plans going wrong. From the largest to the smallest creature, the most important to the least important man, destiny doesn't discriminate in laying out cruel fates. So at the end of the day, Lennie is in his own way much like a mouse - killed because of his vulnerability, and in spite of his innocence.

Cruel are the Curleys .a family made up of husband and wife.
Curley's wife is symbolic of Eve - the female character who, in the Biblical story, brings sin and death to the world. She is also a woman everywhere who are repressed by male-centered societies. Curley is symbolic of "small" people who may feel inferior and overcompensate by inflating or flaunting their power and status.

George is symbolic of "the everyman" - the type of normal, average person who is found everywhere and whose feelings and actions are neither brilliant nor terrible. He is the character with whom most readers will identify, as he symbolizes the difficulty of trudging through the everyday world (and extraordinary situations) when you're just an ordinary guy. The dream farm is represents of Lennie and George's friendship. It is the thing that ties them together and keeps them working, even when times are hard. It is also their personal form of religion, with the re-telling of the dream serving as a form of litany or catechism. It is, ultimately, their version of heaven, so that when Lennie kills a human being, their chances of going there are forever ruined. made by simon kaddu a student of assumption high school long live the raiders purple is our desiny