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You cannot unlock the costume in game. The only way to unlock the costume is by spending Uplay points through the in-game interface.

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Where is ezios hometown in assassins creed brotherhood?

Ezios home town is a town in Italy called Florence. It is not only the place he was born but is also the place that his two brothers and father was hung.

Is ezios mother and sister going to be in assassins creed revelations?

No, none of the charcaters from parts 2 and Brotherhood are returning except Desmond and Ezio.

How do you get rid of ezios beard in assassins creed 2?

you can't. the beard is there forever

What is Assassin's creed characters?

By characters, you probably mean templars. Templars are the assassins that Desmond sees in Ezios memory. You will get an assassination contract to assassinate the templar. You can also play as several Templars in the multiplayer of Brotherhood.

What is Ezios full name in Assassins Creed II?

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze Ezio Auditore for Short

What changes happen to Ezios weapon arsenal in assassins creed brotherhood?

There are a few new weapons, like the poison darts, crossbow and a couple of new swords. There might be more but I'm not sure. There's also allot of new ways to kill people.

Why you should get Assassin's Creed revelations?

Because if you love the other assassins creeds like me, you will want to see how brilliant the ending of ezios long voyage.

When does assassins creed movie come out?

there is already a short movie called assassins creed lineage and is all about ezios dad and what he does and how he gets about being an assassin but the real movie is hopefully going to come out November 2012 so quite some time now!

Is Desmond trapped in the animus on assassins creed revelation?

no he is just trying to Regan consciousness in the so called black room were he can relive Altair's , ezios and his own memory's :)

How do you change to Ezios civilian clothes in Assassins Creed 2?

Once you put on the Assassin's out fit, that is the only one you can wear. You can change the colors of it at the tailors but you can't go back to the civilian outfits.

What is ezios religion?

He doesn't have one because assassins don't really worship in anything Also: He believes in epicness.

Was altair ezios son?

No altair is ezios ancestor from the crusades ezio is from the renaisance

How do you spell ezios last name?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

How do you spell ezios full name?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Is assassins creed II needed after assassins creed 1?

I'm really not sure what you're asking. 2 keeps the story of Desmond going so in that sense yes it's needed. In 2 you learn of Ezio, the new assassin that you control over that and the next two games, so skipping to brotherhood is a bad idea if that's what you mean. Many new game mechanics and weapons are introduced that have no tutorial in the next game so again it would be very helpful to play 2. 2 is also a stepping stone in growth for the developers in making the games better so yes it's needed. And in a larger sense 2 is seen by many to be better that 1 for it's increased variability in missions, increase in weapons and smoother free running so if you're asking it as a person that doesn't like the second one you must be in the minority. well if you compare AC1 to AC2 you will notice that AC2 shows ezios story from his birth

How do you complete assains creed 2?

, Im a girl gamer , Yes very rare. I am 12. I came accross assains creed 1. And to be very honest, I was so disopointed. But i then went on to assains creed2. Basically I didn't get too far into the storyline of the first creed game. Any way. As i just lept into creed 2 i wasn't sure on the story ( i didn't really get it ) but as i got futher on in the game i found my self , indered, like i was no longer playing but i was with Ezio Audierie ( main assain in creed 2). i felt i was running with him , seeing the sites he sees ( some very emotional). The story is amazing, if you'r thinking of buying an xbox 360 game , no hands down , please get this game. It's mine blowing. The twist are amazing aswell as the whole game. it is very sad, and the juicy bit where you get to become an assains is unblievable near the start of the story. Okay how to complete this ? let your fingers do the work on the control stick cos you and your brain are basicaly in the game. I mean it !. My mom asked me a question and i said wait a minet Ezio. Yes that's how addicting the game is. I played on it 2 nite in a row. it sadly took 1 night to complete, which didn't stop me from restartthing this mental adventure. Ezios eminies are my enimes , i feel , like this game is amazing ( ooh and ) good news for those who loved creeds 1 and 2. there is more creeds to come as the story says , allways an assains , allways a assiain. I mean go on Youtube Assains creed 2 ending ( its a spoiler but you wil see why i think theres a secound one comen out) but of corse guys any one who has seen the art work put into these games will know how many years it takes to make a game, let alone a new Assains charictar. I mean with Ezios abbilty , your going to need one heck of an exiting charicitar too pull over Ezio. he is by far the most indeering charictar ever. The story is breathe taking. WARNING if you don't like seeing young children being hung , ask an adult to complete sinch 6. Thank you ... his father/older brother/ 12 year old brother get hung, as his father is in det with a very important man who Ezios father befriended, trusted. Not knowing this would result in , murder. To think this game all started over a letter ( well in my opinion that is how the creed 2 ALL started. first one i have no idea. Be free to tel me how i would apreseat it . See u on live ppl add me for help ;) thanks

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