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Q: How is Beka Lamb and Chrysalids society and beliefs similar?
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Similarities between 'Beka Lamb' and 'The Chrysalids'?

Beka Lamb and The Chrysalids are similar, as they both evoke the theme of friendship. Beka's best friend was Toycie, in which they could both confide with each other. With the case of Toycie's pregnancy, Beka withheld this information from the rest of the society in order to keep her best friend from being shunned from society. This was also the case with David and his friend Sophie. In the society in which David lived, those who did not have the "normalcy" of the others around them were said to be deviants. David knowing of Sophie's faults, also withheld this information, to protect his dear friend from being sent away to the fringes or to go in exile. The theme of religion is also shown here, as with Toycie, after the finding out of her pregnancy, she was expelled from the school, seeing that it was Catholic. In The Chrysalids, The people of Waknuk, specifically, David's father, leader of the Waknuk society have strong rules/laws against blasphemy, of which Sophie was one....... AND SO FORTH!! should be able to help yourself now, having gotten a basic idea of this!!...i can do so much and no more!!

What is the Comparison between Beka Lamb and chrysalids?

Beka Lamb and the Chrysalids happen to be quite similar. though both novels represent different periods, different characters, and different lifestyles, they still manage to focus on the struggles of a child. Beka Lamb, sees Beka (the protagonist) going through some really drastic changes: change in behaviour, beliefs and mentality. Similarly to David, the protagonist of the Chrysalids who undergoes similar changes. Both characters go on a journey, in search of acceptance, but from how I see it the end up realizing that they don't need to be accepted by family, friends, or the entire society/community, but they need to be accepted by themselves. They both realise that before they can grow and be respected they must first learn to respect and be true to themselves. Both Beka and David must lose something important to them in order to come to this conclusion. Beka looses her best friend Toycie David loses his friend Sophie But both gains a friend in themselves, they learn to love themselves and understand that it's not about pleasing others but pleasing yourself!! (I Agree!! These two novels are excellent for comparison and provide the reader with an understanding of themselves. if you're not sure how you fit in at home in school or n a society, you should feel at home reading about the lives of these two excellently portrayed characters.)

Who is the writer for Beka Lamb?

the writer of Beka Lamb is Zee Edgell, a Belizean writer and a professor in the United States. She is also a joint winner of the 1982 Fawcett Society Book Prize.

How is the theme of friendship portrayed in Beka Lamb?

Toycie and beka beka and her grandmother.

Who was beka in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb is Bill Lam and Lilla Lamb daughter.

Beka Lamb Chapter 1?

a sammary tells us part of the story of beka lamd and her family

How much does a beka weight?

a Beka is 5.812 grams

Why was Beka suspended from school-Beka Lamb?

In the book Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell, the main character Beka attends a Catholic school. Beka is suspended because she refuses to answer the priest when asked whether or not she believed in heaven and hell.

Who are the main characters in Beka Lamb?

The main characters of Beka Lamb is Beka herself and her best friend Toycie.

In chapter 14 in the novel Beka Lamb who visited beka's house?

I this chapter what image comes to beka when she has a problem

What is the population of Beka Zourma?

Beka Zourma's population is 559.

When was Beka Lamb created?

Beka Lamb was created in 1982.

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