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The DNA in a cell is contained within its own double-membrane layer. It has pores which allow things like RNA through, but for the most part it blocks the cytoplasmic enzymes.

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What is bigger a cell or DNA?

definetly a cell. Inside cells are DNA

Which structures contains DNA in the cell?

The nucleus which is inside the cell contains the DNA

Explain how biologists get DNA out of a cell?

they get DNA from cells because the cell has a nucleus inside the nucleus u can find the chromosomes inside the chromosomes there is what we call the DNA inside it we can find the genes

Does DNA have a cell membrane?

DNA is inside the cells Nucleus so how could it have a "cell" membrane? Aha! You didn't know that did you? You. DNA are what fills up the middle of a nucleus inside of a cell. The nucleus is the "brain" of the cell.

Where is the DNA code in the nucleus of the cell contained?

Inside the DNA

Where inside the cell is the DNA?


What role does the cell wall play?

It keeps the inside cell protected

The information in DNA is contained in what?

DNA inside Genes, Genes inside Chromosomes, Chromosones inside Necleus of a cell unless the cell is a bacteria. Bacteria dont have nuclei.

How large is DNA?

There is approximately 6ft of DNA inside a single cell.

Source of DNA for a bacterium?

inside the cell there is a tiny strand of DNA

What is in the nucleus of a cell?

DNA and the nucleulus are in the nucleus, which is protected by the nuclear membrane.

Can DNA found inside a cell?

In any living cell, eukaryotic or prokaryotic, yes, the DNA is found within the cell.

What is known as the control center of the cell and contains DNA inside it?

The cell nucleus is the control center of the cell, and contains DNA.

What is found inside the nucleus of a cell?


Where is DNA found inside a cell?


What system is DNA in?

The nucleus, inside the cell.

What is the genetic material inside the cell?


What is the DNA in inside the cell?

Its just called DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid. And you can find it in the nucleus, an compartiment in the cell

Where inside the cell would you find the most DNA?

inside the nucleus

What is the part of the cell that holds DNA?

The nucleus holds the DNA in a eukaryotic cell and it freely floats around inside a prokaryotic cell

Where is DNA in the eukaryotic cell?

The DNA is in a form of a chromosome which is housed inside a nucleus.

Where is DNA found inside cell?

In eukaryotic cells, DNA is contained in the nucleus.

Where does DNA live?

The DNA Lives inside the nucleolus, which is inside the nucleus, which is part (usually the center) of an animal cell.

Is nucleus the headquarter of the cell?

it is the boss, commander, or headquarters of the cell containing dna and protected by the nuclear membrane

DNA that controls most of the function of the cell is found in what organelle?

All DNA is located inside of the cell nucleus

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