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How is Earth changed by weathering?


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It harms the earth when rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes disintegrate the land or rocks that we have on earth.

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it's formed by weathering rock.

Weathering and erosion will effect the earth's future because land forms will be changed and create new rivers, deltas, etc.

Any and all rock can be changed into sediment by weathering and erosion.

Not a reliable indicator of a minerals identity because it can be changed by weathering?

what are the effects of weathering and erosion

Physical and chemical weathering affect the Earth because your face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It effects the Earth because erosion and weathering constantly wear down rocks and the surface of the Earth.

Mechanical weathering or physical weathering changes the earth by causing rocks to crumble. Mechanical weathering has the same effect when rocks heat up and cool down

Weathering and meteors.

well weathering is weathering. so it shapes the earth all the the time. :P

Weathering and erosion certainly do change the Earth continuously but the speed of these processes varies considerably.

'' Over the years , weathering changed the way a rock or mountain formed'' .

weathering processes affect structures like buildings and roads. Also weathering occurs on exposed rocks

Erosion and weathering over millions of years

It is changed by the vapor that comes from the clouds.

Earth has many canyons thanks to weathering and erosion.

yes mars has erosion and weathering just the same as on earth.

weathering creates air for you to breath, and fertilizer for plants

Weathering by living organisms is possible practically anywhere.

trees and plants protect the earth from weathering and erosion

Weathering can only occur on the surface of the earth because the weather is only present on the surface of the earth. The surface of the earth refers to any exposed area.

Some rocks on Earth are affected by weathering. These rocks are turned into sediments and are considered affected by weathering. I hope this works!

it has changed overtime due to erosion and weathering

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